Think It Through

It was a good idea at the time

But I didn’t think it through


Quick decisions without high precision

Now I’m in it

With a choice to quit

To give up

Forever before me

Now that I’m thinking it through

What will I do?


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved


Take It Easy

Taking it easy now

No rushing for me

Though I get it done

And work better under pressure

But what does that really say about me

And why does it connect with the conversation that I had with my children

Why is there so much pressure

When children should just  tobe left be children

Yes there’s so much going on

Outside the comfort doors of home

Out of the comfort, love, and protection of your parents home

If you got it that is

But inside

Why so much

Why so much pressure

They are diamonds already

Came out shining

Though it may not have been easy

Taking it easy

While letting my mind be breezy


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved

Cutting It Close

4 minutes and counting

Until this hour is over

Cutting it close

Don’t know where to go

I shouldn’t have gone there

I knew inside my soul

We were cutting it close

I told him not to go to work

But at least they couldn’t hook up me up

When I had my first natural birth

Cutting it close

Less than 2 minutes to go








Shopping Time

Grocery shopping time

Shop shop

Don’t shop when you’re hungry

You’ll be spending more money

Make sure to bring your list

Check it off despite fits

Grocery shopping time

Shop shop

Remember to read those labels

Not that they’re readable anyway

It’s grocery shopping time

Shop shop

What will you be feeding your mind, heart, body, and soul today

Short & Sweet

Gotta make this short and sweet

Gotta move my fingers like I would move my feet


Got distracted by watching a documentary

Though my attention need it

For some reason

Helping me to get ready

For All Eyes On Me


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved


Curse Breaker

As I listen to my children

I shake my head with disgust, sadness, regret

Not at them or because of them

It’s because of myself

This is what I passed down

When they were but eggs in my womb

I’m not able to change what was done before me

Or take back the curses that my mother spoke on me and them

And I cannot take back the curses that I gave with my words and actions

Before I real-eyes I don’t want to stay the same

I needed to change

And change is what I did

Change is what I’m doing

However the consequences and side effects of the curse must play out

As I continue to pour, do, speak, act


That blessing of peace

For my children and me

Creating, teaching, reprogramming, molding, sharing, showing

MAKing more Curse Breakers

Who will make more Curse Breakers

Till there’s no curse left to break

And leaving love, peace, healing, health, success, prosperity, life, fun, laughter, Connectedness

What Curses Have You Broken Today!






Love the Hate

Learning to love what I hate

I hate cleaning yet I’m learning to love it

Because I can’t stand a dirty floor

Learning to love what I hate

What I have strong feelings for

This way or that way

This comparison can be applied and connected

To so much more

Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved


Stained Bridge

I shouldn’t have crossed that bridge to your house

I knew you wouldn’t leave her for me

Even though it’s my nectar stained on your sheets

I shouldn’t have crossed that line but all I heard was fire

Pop! Pop!

My life on the line no more and yours no longer in the balance

I knew I shouldn’t have crossed that bridge and jumped over the broom

As I lay her bleeding

My child not breathing

Our blood stained on your fists

I crossed that bridge with my children

My fingers stained with berry juice that we picked

My hands I can wash easily of these actions

But the actions above these lines

Not so much

Because not all stains on a bridge can be washed away


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved






In Between

I’m in between

Knowing what I want to write

The words swimming in my head

And putting it down paper

Crash LANDing intentionally, on purpose

I’m in-between finding the rhythm and the flow

Like when I was in labor in the process of delivering my son

The pain was so different

I just wanted it to be done

I’m just so in-between

Which is okay cause I got the job done

This hour’s poem will be posted

I am ready for the next one




Money Moves

Do you know how money moves

Do you understand where it goes

Not just from the bank to you

Not from the place where it is printed

Do you know how money moves

When it’s looking at you

Because money looks at you every day

Even when you think it’s time to play

Money is wet, angry, frustrated, confused

And sometimes it just doesn’t know what to do

Money is mysterious and even sometimes delirious

But what money is not

It’s not hard to obtain

And it’s not hard to gain

Because money moves

And when you come to know this

Then you’ll innerstand

That money…is you

Your Move


Copyright © 2019 by Angelica Stevenson

All Rights Reserved