I Bid This Marathon Farewell

I’m sorry to say, I move on from this marathon.

I signed up for all twenty four hours, but I’m finding it to be hard.

I have my three kids and everyone knows they come first.

For the rest of the night, they will be my first priority.

I wish everyone else good luck in the twenty four.

Maybe next year will be my time.

But for now, I’m a ‘halfer’.

Glad to have gotten this far.

I move on to goodnights and farewells and until next times.


Autobiography of a Face (Poem 10/24)

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt fresh faced.

I’m constantly caked in this thick make up.

People used to be able to see me.

My freckles.

My light pale pink cheeks.

My shiny nose.

My feathery eye lashes.

I used to have eyebrows, now I get graffiti’d with a black marker.

How I miss myself.

I died when I had to ‘look’ pretty.

My story is short, but so was my joy.

It’s All Relevant (Poem 9/24)

Here I go.

Writing whatever comes to mind.

I’ve only got five minutes to spew words out onto the paper.

I’m outside.

It’s windy here.

I’m glad I’m able to write as I play.

I’m watching my kids run and slide on skateboarding ramps.

To be free as the wind.

Running with it.

Jumping with it.

Flying with it.

I’m going to break free, like the wind and my kids.

Here I go,


‘We Need’ (Poem8/24)

We need to play.

We need to rest.

We need to eat.

We need to sleep.

We need to win.

We need to lose.

We need to hop.

We need to stop.

We need to live.

We need to die.

We need to erase this poem from our minds.

Glow of Warmth (Poem 7/24)

In the coldness of Winter, it is hard to see warmth.

The trees look like boney fingers, starved from the vitamins they so graciously accept.

The trees reach their branches as high as they can, still skimming through fog.

The cold air cracks the trees outer layer.

The cool breeze sneaks in, chilling the souls of the mighty trees.

The freshly fallen snow that seeks refuge on the tree’s branches, slowly finds a way to creep in.

The trees moan in the cold clutches of what seems to be never ending Winter.

They bend and sway in the wild wind, holding their ground.

If only a little sun would show to warm our brittle bark.

How much longer can they last this cold and wind trying to break their spirits.

All at once, the gray clouds start to break away.

An amber glow emerges. It gets bigger and bigger; stronger and stronger.

At last, all the clouds break away and alone there stands an amber glow of warmth.

The sun welcomes all the tree’s boney fingers. They raise up farther as in joyous acclaim.

The trees bend with their sway. The coldness starts to fade away.

The trees feel the vitamins they needed flowing through their sturdy bodies.

An energy of happiness is felt.

For no matter what, we all need each other. We can never give up hope.

We can never destroy, for our hands need to clutch that warmth.

An ever glow of warmth, pounding with an energy of love.

A Glimpse Through the Doorway (Poem 6/24)

Looking through the doorway out into a grassy field,

I sense there is someone waiting.

The lone tree dances in the wind.

Comfort is nailing my feet to the ground but my heart is leading me through.

I take a breath.

I inch my way towards the opening.

A figure emerges out from behind the tree, but I cannot see its face.

I squint my eyes as if to see better.

Just then the wind blows the leafy branches away exposing…

5:30 in the morning, time to wake up!

Was it all just a dream?



Blonde Hair and Red Lipstick (Poem 5/24)

Why can’t I remember my lines?

Ugh. I can’t do this today.

I’m a good actress. I know I am.

Aren’t I?

I just want to go back to bed.

These roles. I know I can play something better.

But it earns money…I don’t care about money.

I want to be taken seriously!

Ugh. Now they are knocking on the door.

Time to get ready and give them what they want.

Suck it up girl.

Give them what they want. Always what they want.





The Roller Coaster Ride of a Fisherman (Poem 3/24)

On a calm, clear, crystal lake I sit waiting.

It’s quiet.

I wait for that one bit. That one tug.

That one burst of adrenaline that gets you going.

Reel it in, reel it in!

Tugging, yanking, holding on for dear life!

Here it comes!

The smallest fish you’ve ever seen.

Throw it back.

Waiting. Quiet. Hot.

A pull! A tug! A yank!

Adrenaline rushes all through my body again!

I grab for it!

The oldest and ugliest boot you ever saw.

To the garbage with that one.

Waiting. Will it ever happen. Quiet. Feeling defeated.

The pole moves a little.

A meek pull.

I gently reel it in.


The largest trout you’ve ever seen!

It’s all been worth it!

Keep it!