The Roller Coaster Ride of a Fisherman (Poem 3/24)

On a calm, clear, crystal lake I sit waiting.

It’s quiet.

I wait for that one bit. That one tug.

That one burst of adrenaline that gets you going.

Reel it in, reel it in!

Tugging, yanking, holding on for dear life!

Here it comes!

The smallest fish you’ve ever seen.

Throw it back.

Waiting. Quiet. Hot.

A pull! A tug! A yank!

Adrenaline rushes all through my body again!

I grab for it!

The oldest and ugliest boot you ever saw.

To the garbage with that one.

Waiting. Will it ever happen. Quiet. Feeling defeated.

The pole moves a little.

A meek pull.

I gently reel it in.


The largest trout you’ve ever seen!

It’s all been worth it!

Keep it!


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