©️ Final (Half) Hour: 2021/12 – Image Prompt


Blue flowers are fraught
with the memories and grievings of nought

A bittersweet cacophony
of endings and beginnings,

In Friendships,
and Weddings,
you’ll see me.

Forever crying;
but never sure
if from
from Glee!

2021: Hour 11 – Word prompt ©️

Your periwinkle eyes,
were focused like a needle
on the storefront window.

in that Summer gleam,
we made memories that seem
impossible to beat

When we ate sourdough,

And danced;
light as a cloud,
as we spread our joy
down that street.


2021: Hour Ten, image prompt.

— Using the image —
{TRIGGER WARNING: Resources below}


The Angel’s blue glow,
surrounds everything I know

And instills a feeling in my chest —
Sweet promises of safety
and rest.

And within the blue glow,
There’s a fire that I know;

Your soul is at its best.

The glow of Acceptance
brings peace to this empty Nest.

Resources for Grief
Global Crisis Lines

2021: Hour 9 – image prompt


Emotions swirl,
as my thoughts curl,
around the truth of you.

The night is long,
as my heart’s song,
beckons across this view.

I wish we were building fortresses anew,
and finding solace and reverie in two —

I float alone;
lost in sullen waves,

consumed by the
panoramic view.

©️ 2021: Hour 7 – Exploring “Normal”

~ Using the text prompt ~
Styled as an Acrostic.

O mnipresent;
R eality
M ay
A lternate
L argely due to privilege(s)

”not omnipresent – reality may alternate; largely due to privileges”.

1. “Normal is an illusion. What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly” [The Adams Family, Mortica]

2. H.J’s views (#authorHJ): LINK

©️ 💖 2021: Hour 6 (Prompted)

— Using the text prompt: walking without the word ‘walking’ —


A stroll through the garden,
A hike through the forest;

Meandering through lifetimes,
beneath nature’s beauty and a chorus.

Our souls are porous
to the wonders
of all that has been seen.

And as we sashay through this instance,
I delight in watching your eyes gleam.

©️ 2021: Hour 5 (Prompted)

– from the image –

Your plan to escape,
was thwarted by the wheels of Fate;

For songs are capsules of memory,
and you find her,
in every melody.

Souls speak in stillness —
every silence is loud,

Beneath distractions,
every whisper,
is your hearts voice;

All too proud
to proclaim,
the love you put to shame

As you run through your day,
seeking new forms of play…


©️ 2021: Hour Four, Prompted

Plus lines from the book: THE GIFT OF ADULT A.D.D
By: Lara Honos-Webb, page 221.


You hide your peaks and valleys from me;
Afraid of all the unsightly things I may see.

And yet,
I only bloom with glee…

On your peaks,
I see you shining,
I see your growing
and your climbing

Reaching all the joys you deserve to have,
Cherishing all the warmth you were gracious to grab.

And in your crevices,
I see
the depths of love you hold for me;
The boundless zest
and the peace that gives Harmonious rest.

My love,
Be free!
There is only peace,
where you see travesty…

In what you hide,
you protect a vibe,
A pulsing treasure that’s a pleasure to see.

A Holy gift,
that the world longs for
And needs you to Be.

In your crevice,
please know this —

“The world needs your gifts /
and your world needs you to stop beating yourself up /
playing small,
and feeling guilty about what you cannot do”.

Hour 3 (2021) ©️

~ [Text Prompt: repeating lines]
I’ve tried my best ~

Aching to see you,
I wonder what could be
the catalyst for your heart
to gently reach for me.

Aching to see you,
I know it’s been too long,
since your mind found peace,
since your soul has reached the dawn.

An aching to see truth,
is where the rest will start;
For the ache is only Glory

— An invitation to see[k] the truth in you[r] own heart ✨

2021: Hour One – Image Prompt

– From the Image –

Wings on the wall,

like Icarus amid the fall.

Their ominous call beckons a warning –

An ode to every mourning,

Of times both grand and small.


The wings on the wall,

strike a memory for all,

And we’re forced to confront a yearning –


To give life to dreams,

And peace to questions burning.


Icarus begins to fall;

It’s up to us –

We’re the Sun!


See the Truth of it all.


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