Dear Self (Early teen) – H.J ©️

2019 – 11th Hour
In response to the Prompt ©️ H.J

~ Dear Self ~

You sit by the window,
Unsure of what is to come for you.

For now,
You’ve been a martyr.

Each took their piece,
That’s true,
But we still fall in love with you.

Brave, bright and beautiful!
Chants everyone who
Can see through the fog
to the light that is you.

So sit by the window;
Unafraid to let go –
For there is more gold
than you’ve ever been told,

Freedom! –
And distant plans,
So bold.

And the purest love
That you’ll have ever known!

Prompt Idea - 2019 or onward


Prompt Idea - 2019 or onward


For 2019, or at any point.

This is a submission for a potential prompt idea…

Wheelchairs; in any setting, from any perspective.
Could be the family or the patient, the pet who’s never seen one or a passerby in public…write as you wish.

Introduction: H.J

Hello, everyone!

My name is H.J – I’m an author of multiple genres, from Canada. This is my first marathon event, but I’m so excited to be here!

I was nine years old and in 4th grade when I first discovered my love for writing. By the time I reached my early teens, I knew I wanted to write professionally. Then, at 17, I wrote my first full-length project; which was self-published 2 years later.

I began with poetry, but have no “preferred” genre. I’ve written everything from Children’s books to Mature Fiction and memoirs. As of 2016 (on Amazon and Kobo), 3 of my 5 existing titles are rated “5-stars”; the other 2 have yet to be rated at all.

Thank you for your time!
I wish the best of luck to everyone.
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