Twenty four

It’s absolutely what I need
In 24 hours
I’ve had
Little to no sleep

love rain

  • drown me in your love
    kiss me in the rain three times
    love pours over me

  • Phenomenal

    In Maya’s words, “I’m a woman
    With her words
    and in her bravado tones
    She voiced that
    it’s okay
    to be a Phenomenal woman
    in the world today

    She raised the stakes
    in such a phenomenal way…

    I am phenomenally made
    A phenomenal woman
    I am
    From the ways I walk
    To how I talk
    It is in the way
    I carry myself
    I embrace
    What I was taught to hate

    Phenomenal was she
    Phenomenal is me
    We are all phenomenal beings

    Your hand in Mine

    With your hand in mine
    we race together
    back into time

    a time where our love
    lasted longer
    where it grew a bit
    where we were able
    to enjoy the sweet
    nectar within

    with your hand in mine
    i revealed a side
    only you could bear
    to see
    with my hand in yours
    i found you
    right where you needed
    to be

    with your hand in mine
    we shared
    our scars
    our fears
    our hopes
    our dreams

    with your hand in mine
    i am here for you
    your are there for me

    with our hands clenched
    into the spaces of
    the other
    we’ve learned
    to find happiness
    in the smallest
    of places
    exchanged between
    each glance we’ve made
    in the softest touches
    of our kisses
    in the silent “i love you’s”

    with your hand in mine
    we race back to that time

    -Angelica Villarruel


    “I’m sure you have no trouble realizing
    that people occasionally misunderstand each other”

    “Actually, I do!, she replied
    She could not fathom
    the thought of being
    and feeling

    As hard as she tried
    She found it troublesome
    to wrap her mind
    around that idea
    of why she would
    or any one else
    be part of someone’s misunderstanding

    She lived her life
    being straight forward
    in what she said
    especially in what she did
    she figured every one else
    lived their life
    with that standard in mind

    Pondering that thought
    She realized
    that she is part
    of the masses
    As taxing as the idea
    may be
    She couldn’t help
    but agree
    that every one
    at some point
    is misunderstood
    to a certain degree

    -Angelica Villarruel

    *The first two lines of the poem comes from the book “Mindwise” by Nicolas Epley *

    El amor todo lo puede (Love will find a way)

    “el amor todo lo puede”
    his words find their way
    into her heart
    a place where
    she can’t find the will
    to make them go away

    “el amor todo lo puede”
    words she clings to
    when she has little
    hope left

    “love will find a way”… she repeats to herself
    a daily mantra it’s become for her

    will they make it back
    to the same place?

    she wonders…

    -Angelica Villarruel

    Bounded truths

    A book bounded
    With lines
    More lines

    These lines
    Hold my truth
    The ink
    Which make
    My words come alive
    Those things festering
    Deep in my mind

    This book
    Is something
    I could not leave without
    For it holds
    Truths that are yet
    To be confined by the hands of time

    I could leave everything
    In this place
    But the one thing
    I hold dear
    Are these pages
    Where my heart
    Only knows how
    To feel

    -Angelica Villarruel

    City Adventures

    With landscapes so lovely
    It’s hard to not be joyous
    Immersed in this loud
    Bustling city
    A sense of peace
    Makes its way through these city adventures

    Yes! City adventures,
    You know those that leave you feeling quite lovely
    They bring about this tantalizing peace
    Is what you feel in these busy city
    Streets… streets so loud

    From the loud
    Invigorating adventures
    One gets lost and finds oneself in this city
    This lovely
    Place… a place where in the nonstop distractions one can seek its peace

    A peace
    That silences the noises around and leaves you with your loud
    Voices in your mind… they cry with a joyous
    Yearning for the inexperienced adventures
    Whose memories leave a lovely
    After taste in this beautifully tainted city

    In this beautifully tainted city
    The misunderstood find their peace
    In the most unnatural lovely
    ways… They look unlike the rest, making statements so loud
    One can only see the uniqueness of this city through the unexpected adventures
    One decides to take… it is joyous!

    This city
    and its adventures
    Create this spell-bounding peace
    Even in its loud
    And upbeat tempo… One can’t help but feel lovely

    Experience this joyous never ending peace
    This city creates with its loud
    Indescribable adventures… this city is amazing and lovely…

    -Angelica Villarruel

    Love story

    I could write about
    How the earth
    Continues to thrive
    Or how
    The ocean waves
    Hug the shore
    Right before the tides
    Pull themselves back
    I could write about
    And all its
    Magical ways
    But I’d rather write to say
    I’ve loved you
    On your good
    Even bad days

    -Angelica Villarruel


    My obsession
    With chocolate
    Is beyond
    My control

    It’s like my body
    Craves it
    At times
    I’m not even aware of

    I’m like a shark
    Who’s just smelled
    The fresh scent of blood
    From its prey
    I can smell
    Chocolate cake
    From a mile away

    The moment a piece
    Of chocolate
    Enters my mouth
    Makes love
    To my taste buds
    A sense of
    Euphoric bliss
    Comes flooding
    Over me

    This obsession
    With chocolate
    Is absurd…
    No doubt!

    -Angelica Villarruel

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