Your hand in Mine

With your hand in mine
we race together
back into time

a time where our love
lasted longer
where it grew a bit
where we were able
to enjoy the sweet
nectar within

with your hand in mine
i revealed a side
only you could bear
to see
with my hand in yours
i found you
right where you needed
to be

with your hand in mine
we shared
our scars
our fears
our hopes
our dreams

with your hand in mine
i am here for you
your are there for me

with our hands clenched
into the spaces of
the other
we’ve learned
to find happiness
in the smallest
of places
exchanged between
each glance we’ve made
in the softest touches
of our kisses
in the silent “i love you’s”

with your hand in mine
we race back to that time

-Angelica Villarruel

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