Summertime Cold Feet

For as beautiful as it is outside
On this first full day of Summertime
It is amazing how cold my feet are
In the cool, damp grass
Especially on that one side of the house that gets little sunlight
I feel more alive now than I did
Before I chose to walk barefoot
Around the house
While the chill is appreciated
In the heat of the afternoon
It isn’t necessarily enjoyed so early
For now I’m actually shivering
Although to be walking barefoot
Summertime cold feet
Is still a gift
Which is prayed for
Much of the year

(Book 99 #19239)


To be asked if
Magic is real
Is to be asked if
Breathing is essential to life
For both are inherent components
To life upon Earthly feet
I have seen it
I have experienced it
At every level
I have performed it
I could take the time
Quite a lot actually
To explain it to you
But then
What you’d have
Would be my interpretation of what magic is
And Magic is
Above all else
Intensely personal
It has to be experienced
To even begin
To be understood
And that I would say
Is the first lesson
In Magic

(Book 99 #19328)

Writer’s Doubt

Doubt is something
Every writer has
If they say
They are liars
As well as fools
Only poets embrace
Writer’s doubt
For if it can be felt
It can be poetry

What I Don’t Want

Thank you for being
A terrible partner
For had you been good
I would never have learned
What I don’t want
What I won’t tolerate
The lesson was extremely costly
But I promise
It won’t be
Soon forgotten
Because of you
I understand I deserve
Far better than you
What I don’t want
Is you


It doesn’t matter
if you subscribe to Ecclesiates
or The Byrds
The song remains the same
as they say
For there truly is
a time to every purpose under Heaven
Try though we may
our efforts are in vain
we simply cannot force things to happen
before their time
We cannot bring them back
once their time has passed
The Wheel of the Year
will continue to turn
Days into months
Months into seasons of our life
Philosophers throughout the Ages
will continue to ponder things
but it is exactly as The Byrds sang about
And Old Ecclesiastes before that
Everything has it’s own purpose
in it’s own time.