Hour 12 : Uncertain Desire

 I feel my path stony in detail

Perhaps mirth and joy curtail

What has infected my zesty soul?

Or perception responsible, my loss at whole

When I used to see dampening moon

To view to leave misery soon

Hovering clouds, not for petty darkness

But décor the beauty with sharpness

Who has dislocated, from the path of life?

Instead of roses, who cut them with a knife

Just a spark of love, requested I

A gentle hand to wipe my eye

When will I be a reason to live?

Ah! Ocean passions to whom I give.


Hour 11 – My Love

My Queen, my ladylove, my mistress

For you, I am lead in days and nights

When you are affixed at home,

I mostly bent on you as a syndrome.

Without you my sphere is anonymous;

I feel my daylight stars are missing.

An indistinct half moon in misery,

Your loving touch can solve that mystery.


When I inhale the lifeblood of your heart

It gives me a strawberry flavor

With a bulky mix of sugar

And as a regular drink.


Our love is self-importantly affirmed,

Immersed with kisses in the stream

Now again slippery wet arms around my body;

Seduced to grab the zeal of your hugs.


Hour 10 : A Colorful Lap

In the lap of nature

Colors are like creature


A vast green land and hill

The loads of red, white and pink


Flowers around the windmill

Are laughing on air and wink


A colorless water has charm

Beneath the blue sky and green farm


One day I will be lost in them

Earth engulf, I reappear in purple gem

Hour 9 – The Spider & Me

A lonely spider and me

Are the friends

The spider preserves

The belonging through

Web – My lady love

Your things are placed

As such as you did

Spider scrolls at the corner

And laughs to disturb

The ever-panting silence

Hour 8 – Ref. Golden Shovel

Here is my attempt at a golden shovel:

Line from ‘Marginalia’ by Richard Wilbur

<<Things concentrate at the edges; the pond surface>>


Some day I acknowledge relations, not things

Is the important belonging to concentrate?

The mourning and cries are nothing at

Their loss – education of a, an and the

Is significant, but why relation edges

In the mud of confusion and the

Perplex layers of silent pond

Hide their true face on the surface

Hour 7 : Poem Inside Out

Once I lost in thoughts

With a bundle of blank pages

Hearing the cries of a horse

Who missed from its flock?

Soak in misery and timeless clock

Dark trees and haunting shadows

Perplexed mind moved in meadows

On the plains of bulky ice

It marked foot prints as dice

Roll on the vista of mind

On the table, a printed paper I find


Hour 6 : Love with plucked respite

Your soft voice

In each bleeding-heart flower

In each timber

Can I envision this love?

Come into light darling

Take a pew with me

Grope me tightly,


Our prefect reflection

On petal and lawn

You pucker up

Your play footsie

Forever my love

Forever your love

In our heart,

Together and constantly

Let’s put down roots

What happens on our way?

We will take a stand

Though our love should go on…

Hour 5 : My Homeland – Pakistan

My homeland is a blessed land

A land of hills, and sand

The rivers and plains are good

Among the dark, and rich wood

My country swings between weathers

Summer’s fruits and Winter’s feathers

A colorful spring and leafy autumn

Diving in the upper sea and bottom

I missed its charm so much

Want to spend my future as much

I spent my childish days there

Now I remembered from them here

Long live my homeland

Pakistan is my motherland

Hour 4 : It is reality, it is a fact.

Everything is going down

Turning from green to brown

All are aware this natural act

It is reality, it is a fact.

Rat race of people is a game

Not to crave mark, but surface fame

All somehow belong this freezing sect

It is reality, it is a fact.

Cultured suck fragile blood as food

Just to exert hegemony, ravishing mood

Alas! Silent lips adoring their vicious tact

It is reality, it is a fact.

Self acknowledgment unchains vapid slave

Without sword, the pen makes landmark brave

A healthy signal for graceful survival’s aspect

It is reality, it is a fact.

Hour 3 : Eternity Now

I just want to be dead

Wish to sleep on my last bed

This world has a fever and fret

Barren land wants to be wet

Eternity is the state of mind

Taste the death if you want it find

Among the masses I am friendless

Waiting for the life; painless, endless