My eyes are blurred with tears, the only color I see is red.

Thoughts of anger and vengeance are spinning in my head.

I trusted you with my heart, but you carelessly threw it away.

You entangled me in your lies and the sick games that you play.

After I’ve been scorned and the tears have all been cried.

I will find a way to make you pay, and you’ll wish that you had died.


Floating off on the sea, pulled out by the tide.

Starting a new adventure with the stars as my guide.

The only sound is the water flowing past the hull.

There is no need for light for the moon is bright and full.

I am on this journey alone, but I am not afraid.

I laid out a plan, and bowed my head and prayed.

The wind lifts my hair and cools the salt on my skin.

Happiness overcomes me, and I cannot help but grin.

I am free of the chains that held me for so long.

I am ready to write my own story and sing my own song.


She looked up at me with big eyes, her head tilted to one side.

She sat at my gentle command and wagged her tail with pride.

I petted her, then walked away, but she came back for more.

When I ventured to bed that night, she slept by me on the floor.

This sweet little dog came into my life, needing to be saved.

But I wasn’t sure if I could give her the attention that she craved.

She gave me unconditional love until I knew it was meant to be.

I was asked to rescue her, but instead she rescued me.


I stand proudly on the shore, sending out a beacon of light.

A signal to the ships tossed by the sea, encouraging them to fight.

I guide them in the darkness, carefully bringing them home.

Promising them safe harbor, so they no longer need to roam.

When the sea calls to them again, I help them find their way.

When the next journey ends, I’ll lead them back again one day.

The Unstoppable Dream

One thought sparked an idea, and excitement fanned the flame.

With love it expanded and became a dream no one could tame.

Evil tried to dash those hopes like the crashing of a wave.

But courage stepped in, pushing the heart to fight and be brave.

The heart won and with this strength, a new treasure unfurled.

A reward great and wonderful, to be a gift for the entire world.


Lost in an eerie nightmare, frightened, cold and alone.

I fight to escape the darkness, but my will is not my own.

The monsters all surround me, forcing me into their snare.

I search to find a way out, but there are traps everywhere.

I slip and stumble into a hole, and fall far into the deep.

Where villains rule, demons dwell, and beasts like to creep.

The ear piercing roaring makes it hard for me to think.

They hand me a bottle of poison, and I tilt my head to drink.

The howling rushes over me as I crumple to the ground.

The lights dim and the noise fades until there is no sound.

Only my barely beating heart, fighting until the very end.

When my last breath leaves my body, I watch my soul ascend.

My Love

You are the wind that fills my sails, pushing me along.

When my soul can’t find the music, you sing me a new song.

When all my dreams are lost, you give me one of yours.

You help me find a window when there are no open doors.

You laugh with me when I’m happy, and cry with me when I’m blue.

You are the greatest person I know, and my heart belongs to you.

Your Own Way

Sometimes the days are long, and you feel all hope is lost.
You push yourself to get ahead, no matter what it might cost.
Others talk you down, you fall in line, losing sight of your dreams.
You realize one day that their world is not as great as it seems.
It’s never too late to follow your heart, to go your own way.
The sun may go down, but it rises again, bringing with it a brand new day.

The Mighty Storm

The mighty storm blew in, turning day into night.
The house shook as the wind raged, showing off its might.
I ran as the alarm screamed, my heart filled with dread.
I knew my time was up when the funnel appeared overhead.
Then a single ray of light shone through the eye of the storm.
Calming the winds even as the funnel continued to form.
I ran again, finding shelter, and somehow I survived.
In the aftermath, I gave prayers of thanks, as I shook and cried.

Castles in the Sand

We played on the beach all day, building castles in the sand.
We built a mighty kingdom in a majestic faraway land.
The prince rescued the princess, and the celebration was grand.
The king merrily approved when he knelt and asked for her hand.
Then came the most spectacular wedding ever planned.
Then the tide came in and washed away our castles in the sand.