Story Keepers – Poem #4

Always there has been
A family historian
Mostly the women

Aunt Teen obviously
She kept track of everyone
In mom’s family

Aunt Alois too
Dad’s brother’s kind, soft-spoken wife
By caring, she knew

Now times have changed
No longer is there a center
Keeping us arranged

Sisters and brothers
Cousins expanding, few knowing
About each other

Those we know about
Are very different people
So we sometimes shout

There’s still Aunt Becky
She stays near to the old center
Of dad’s family

Felix, my cousin
Carries on Aunt Teen’s legacy
Eldest living son

Lax for far too long
Now I must pick up connections
Keep the stories strong

Memories have welled
Perhaps no one really cares but
I feel so compelled

My brothers and I
Have no children our very own
To ask about why

We are who we are…
Still, a hope grows deep in my heart
That others afar

Will seek us one day
Compelled by curiosity
What our voices say

For the moment, I
Will write and speak all that I know
Until my last sigh

Freedom – Poem #2


One day very soon
I will be free to go
From this rehab place
As I please, you know

To begin again
My very own life
With all the hazards
Including its strife

Independence and
Quiet solitude
To be alone helps
Balance attitude


I wasn’t sure if I was to post the first poem between 9am.and 10am, or AT 10am. So I’ve posted a baker’s dozen to be on the safe side.

Thank you for this great opportunity.

9am Poem #1

Just me
Laying in bed
Awake, aware, I wait
For others to come help me out
Just normal daily needs
I cannot do

(Eintou form)

Truth Is Out There – Poem #12

Around the Meatball Planet
Which has a bit of granite

Connections are being made
Amongst many noodly shades

I’m a Pastafarian
Means I’m non-sectarian

Spaghetti Monster Flying
Challenges those a-lying

Pasta, pirates, rum, and Cats
We believe in wearing Hats

We even got a Garu
Living in a cave Guru

Try to be logically
Science-based society

Should you find us wanting
Then go elsewhere haunting

Senryu Choo Choo – Poem #11

Social media
Positive or negative
It’s how you use it
Always remember
First purpose is cats
Hedgehogs are second
Conspiracies third
No sense of humor?
Create ranting blog
Sell ads, no money
But you’ll be happy
The rest of us too

Ripples – Poem #8

Our friend-circles surround us
Overlapping each other
Forming endless sub-circles
Until we are vibrating,
Resonating, all things good