Jeeps are good for traveling.
My daughter and I went to the lake. The moon shone across the lake. Shadows Of Life were in the water. The light of the Moon remind me the of the light of His presence.
Then suddenly shadows appeared behind us!
Panic set in!
As I looked up to the light of the moon it reminded me of His glory
I no longer feared
As the shadows came closer
Rangers came through those shadows
They were checking up on us to make sure we were okay.

Breaking Ground

Planting seeds after soil is turned Producing beautiful flowers
Picked for many reasons
from the Earth
With the passing of a loved one. At a funeral
We beautify the presence of a loved one
With many colors so bright
Those beautiful flowers
Handpicked because of their plight
Then back to the Earth they go
as a casket goes down
But many loved ones keep one
to keep their memory sound
Placed on the Shelf
or in a little box
Sometimes encased in glass
the beauty remains
of their loved one.


They turn their head
the other way
look back again
to see her play
Where is she?
Where did she go?
They turn their head for a moment
nowhere to show!
They screamed her name
time and time again!
No where to find her
A stranger had been within
Tears of sadness
Depression set in
A constant battle
Life grew dim.
Days, months and years went by
They held on to hope
Who had taken their child?
Where did she go?
Is she still alive?
Does she even understand
what has happened to her?
Her case is unsolved
unto to this very day
Daily they struggle to live
in hopes of one day to say
“They found her alive”
Now she can come home
And out of their sight
Their eyes will no longer roam
But as it stands
to this very day
There’s no word of her life
and there’s nothing to say.


Alone I stand
in this barren land
Don’t know what happened
in life as I’ve gone
Don’t know how
I just don’t know
But I am here now
no home to have
No job no food no family
I’m sad.
The days have come
and the days have gone
Time goes by
another sad song
I don’t know how
to get myself back
where I was before
I slacked
I just want to eat
sometimes to die
the loneliness it eats away
No family abides
Not wanted
No one wants to deal with me
I am a sight to see!
Where I lay my head
is my home
whether it’s dirt or sand or cement
I’m still alone
I quietly beg
embarrassed to say
but this is what I do
each and every day

Only for Him

Life changing
Turning around
Forever free
No longer bound
He’s the only
Who is worthy of Praises
For Him and for Him only
tears of heartfelt thanks
to the One above
Everyday I admire
From Him
He gives me love
My children He gave
His Spirit most Holy
His Love unconditional
And we all give Him praise and glory
What a beautiful life
given my family
I Praise Him daily
I wake up in adoration
He makes me smile
and not just for a little while
I show my love
and my appreciation every day.
For this beautiful life
He gave.


As I walk through life’s journey Through the Great Divide.
Alone I will go down that wooded path that is supplied.
Waters be still
Mountains run High
A beautiful Journey through this life called
The Great Divide
Mountains to climb
rough areas to go
but I walk by faith
and victory overflows
Sometimes I must swim
through the beauty below
Walking on water by faith
as I go
So many things to say
through this journey called life. The only way to see it is to walk the Great Divide.

Amish culture

Wow you are kidding me!
Who can live without electricity?!
No matter what the weather dress is always the same.
They marry within their culture. Humble is their name.

Who can live without electricity?!
That makes less time in a day.
They marry within their culture.
Within their culture they stay.

That makes less time in a day.
For many things that can be done.
Within their culture they stay.
Without knowing what more of Life can become.

For many things that can be done. They grow their own food.
Within their culture they stay Living long and healthy they don’t move

Not Me

Never by me
but all by Society
Every problem in my life they cause because of my color
because they feel they have power
No trust in this system
living in fear
hour by the hour
My future is lost
I pay the cost
My feelings get hurt
road rage by looks
fighting my rights
with a left hook
Now I’m in jail
for protecting my rights
Paying a cost
for other people’s plights
I don’t have a choice
as I go through this life
Because they say in America
that we have rights
What hope do I have
for a future so good
When all this world provides
is life misunderstood

The Men In My Life

The men in my life
Strong strengthened and love unfeigned
Attractions to ones
Who have control of the future
All one and the same
Different careers
Yet caring and kind
For me each one
At one time in my life
Took the time
Quiet, demure and discreet living
Only bold
When the job their doing demands it
Attracted physically as well
Strong and in-charge
Emotionally I fell
Preacher evangelizing
Straight and narrow
To a songwriter and singer
Sinking emotional to his voice
Yet also a farmer
Working hard to provide
Which shall I choose?
Whom to decide?
Yet obedient to death and marriage I stand
Only all dreams
Of all real men

Techy times

Old time radio
new and exciting for families
In comes television
family time
Drive-ins and dating
Technology changing our world
VCR’s, CD’s radios, microwaves and swatches
The latest and the greatest devices makes life easier but deboches
Family time and reality shut up
Radiation and cancer and such
IPads and latest phones
Life all in one
No time for people
No time for fun
Mechanically minded
Are our kids
When they grow up
Life they cannot deal with
Pills to settle it
Crimes on the rise
Access denied
But this new technology
It’s a blast!
All because we do not live in the past.