Prompt 24


I hope my bed
assaults me
with deep sleep
Smacking me
right in the face
with a pillowgasm
C. Churchill

Prompt 23

I wonder if there is a world without pain

Without sickness, without suffering
Would it be a happy place
Or would people take it for granted
Is it human to suffer no matter the situation?

Prompt 22



There is a town
A smallish one
Almost a village
Truth be told
It sits on the outskirts
Of everything real
And serving pizza
Is kinda their deal
For breakfast
Lunch, dinner and more
Slices are always
Flying out the door
You would think this town
Would have an apt name
But alas it is called Sushi
And that just hurts my brain
C. Churchill

Prompt 21



Out of time
We carry sand
In our pockets
Weighted with hope
We stumble
Grasping for more
But it is heavy
The sand spills
The clock quickens
And we find ourselves
C. Churchill

Prompt 20



Every morning

At way too early (even for me)

I fill the coffee maker with water
And then pour myself a glass
This coffee maker is new
And truth be told I can get a half mug
In thirty seconds flat
It’s a certain kinda magic
 I think we can all agree
That coffee brewed at 3am
Is the best kinda magic

Prompt 19

It is so dark I can’t see anything but the halo of time from the microwave

Haunt prompt 18

Haunt me


They haunt me they do
All of those who wanted true
True loves with true hearts
Bent knees and box rings
They haunt me they do
But they we’re proposing
To something that isn’t new
My lies have lies
Who knows the reason
I do the things I do
I just know I am not good
for those who wanted true
C. Churchill

Prompt 17


We turn our voices into mirrors
and spin the story to make beautiful pictures
We are but a kaleidoscopic lie
Spinning and turning and creating
till we are dizzy with distance
The truth lies further down the tunnel
But the lies taste sweeter and the beautiful pictures are right in front of us
Begging to take them home
C Churchill

Smile completely prompt 16


Directions: Start with a clean slate then add encouragement. Start to warm the small of her back with your hand and whisper that you are amazed by her in her ear. When she smiles thank her and when she is ready, kiss her. Not a swift kiss but a long meaningful kiss. After this she should be smiling completely if not then you missed a step, start over. Repeat until she smiles. Completely.

Prompt 15

Can’t unsee


She entered the room full of shy uncertainty
Making her way small taking towards me
I wasn’t sure whether to run or stay
and didn’t know if she was down to play
But I was there and she in front of me
with a smile that I couldn’t unsee
The hours grew long, our hands found homes
in smalls of backs and and shadows to roam
A chance I could have had to run
was long gone as we made our way to the sun
Play we did three days straight
and then she left without a trace
With a smile I couldn’t unsee
now she haunts my memory
C. Churchill
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