Writers prompt 13



Coffee maker drips
as eyelids flutter
Who knew insomnia
comes along with the writer
The cigarettes ash
their way through the typewriter
While whiskey and wine
arrive to the clutter
Thoughts, words
and everything in between
Find blood and lust
branding the unseen
Revealing a truth
only few know
Living and breathing
the writers code
C. Churchill

Prompt 12



There is a place I keep secrets
Behind lock and key
A place not for you
But only for me
It has a few hundred locks
And is surrounded by a moat
Not easily accessible
By car, train or boat
It is kept under my heart
Or in the recesses of my mind
Depending on how many secrets
Is where you will find
It is a closet of fears
Of dreams and want
A place to store memories
A skeleton of haunt
This closet is mine
Full of my plans
Full of my mistakes
Made by idle hands
No one will see
Unless I give them a peek
But even then
The thought makes me weak

Prompt 11

One cent travels

Face up,
face down
I don’t care
As long as I am found
So pick me up
Heads or tails
We can have an adventure
Engines or sails
I have been around
A very long time
At one point I was worth
More than a lime
The year I was minted
Was 1903
Over hundred years
To get all the way here
So let’s us have an adventure
And I can add it to my list
Of all the places I traveled
Before I got dismissed
C. Churchill

Prompt nine



My heart it tremors
my cheeks beet red
I try to stare at the lightbulb
above his head
Focus on something
besides his keys in the ignition
As we say goodbye
in the carport of indecision
We have been here
a time or two before
An elbow to the face
and a jacket he tore
Seven years ago
I said no, never again
But here we are
We still pretend
My heart it tremors
My cheeks beat red
The carport is finally empty
And I am ready for bed
C. Churchill

Prompt eight Funeral Singers



What is real in this fight or flight

a world before me demands my sight
A focus born of trauma hymnals
funeral blacks and carnation symbols
We hold hands down the aisles
as life charges on, a blur of smiles
Amidst the dizzy, never letting go
friends forever is all we know
Into the night for one last time
Will you sing one last rhyme
Under the moon where we met
Before the funeral, before we knew death
C. Churchill

Prompt seven


If I were a wolf

I could slay the sheep
Greet the moon
Howl in the night
I would not feel lonely
If I were a wolf
I would feel connected
To all things
I would feel the pulse
Of the earth beneath me
If a were a wolf
Breathing life itself
To howl all night
Breathe in life
Make all things right
If I were a wolf
C. Churchill

Prompt six



It took too long to get here
We are tired and thirsty
We had heard all the stories and felt the hype
That the earth is actually flat and responded
“Yeah, right”
Now here we are close to the edge
Wondering what happens in five more steps
Do we want to see?
Do we want to peer off the cliff?
What if we do and our eyes freeze stiff
What if our minds can’t comprehend
And we start to dizzy at the edge
What if we fall, where do we end
Is it infinite beyond this ravaged land
Hold your breath take a step
See what you can see beyond the next
Here we go
Hand in hand
One more step


Prompt five



There is a reason they seem heartless

At one time or another a thief came
They stole love, they stole hope
They stole the very breath of life
Leaving nothing in return
There was no insurance
There was no illusion of safety
Just an empty cavern where love used to beat
There is a reason they seem heartless
And a reason they steal hearts
Trying to replace what once felt like hope
Trying to mimic a beat
Trying to remember what it is like to be free
There is a reason they seem heartless
They just want to believe
That there is something left for them
Somewhere else to breathe