Hour 24: Clotted Silence

(a double tetractys to finish off)

I wish…
I wish that
I could express
all the ways in which I cannot tell you
I cannot speak with silence in my throat
I wish I could
I could say
say that

Hour 23: Stone Hare

I’m forever playing catch-up to the tortoise
held back and back the faster my mind races on

and it seems I only run on empty
or not at all

I have ever been indentured to the slaves
held down and down the farther my spirit roams on

and it seems I only run on empty
or not at all

Hour 22: Dirigibles Do Battle

Bang! Bang! Boom! Bombastic
Thirteen gunners packing powder
Bombshells trip the light fantastic
Launching loud and landing louder

Spray of splinters, hail of shrapnel
Cut the ropes! Repel the grapnel!
Those triumphant send their foe to plummet
Blooming red and black on blanched summit

Hour 20: Reclaimed Wreckage

Racing for the sunlight quicker
Growing thicker
Saplings reaching
Send roots leeching

Strangling the clockwork functions
Green expunctions
Cogs have rusted
Engines busted

Forest once a metal garden
Nature’s pardon

(In response to Prompt #20… though it was no deviation from my usual themes)

Hour 19: Cosmic Ruin

(an etheree)

pinpricks of light
beam across the black
streaking through dimensions
alien to human space
crossing barriers of physics
and entering the abstract realms of
fantasy and science fiction fables
unexplored corners of furthest time-space
await the arrival of matter
molecules to shape a new world
intelligence to force it
from chaos to order
speeding entropy
to stop its growth
an ending

(In response to the Hour 19 prompt; “Write a poem set in space.”)

Hour 18: Dead in Her Head

(a villanelle)

The witch was dead
but the others told her
it was all in her head

Yet the headlines read
as the corpse grew colder
the witch was dead

She knew she had bled
the wounded soldier
it was all in her head

Still she said
despite what they sold her
the witch was dead

Though she carried the dread
it was just as they told her
it was all in her head

She never did wed
and she never grew older
the witch was dead

it was all in her head

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