Hour 5

Another short one. Too preoccupied with dinner and date.

Risen from fire

Two wings of embers burning

All from the cold ash

Hour 3

Whoops… I fobbed hour 3 off with a wee haiku.

I promise to make it up to you later.

Hour 1

I’m posting rather differently this year, as I am out. I will go back through them all when it’s over to edit and transcribe them.

2019 Intro

Hey there!

Just popping up a quick greeting before the event begins. This will be my 4th time participating and I’m excited as ever.

I’m going to be out and doing things for the first time during a marathon, so it will be a different experience. Hopefully I won’t be forced to rely too heavily on short form poems… I like to save those for the Napping Hours.

Good luck, poets!


Hour 24: Clotted Silence

(a double tetractys to finish off)

I wish…
I wish that
I could express
all the ways in which I cannot tell you
I cannot speak with silence in my throat
I wish I could
I could say
say that

Hour 23: Stone Hare

I’m forever playing catch-up to the tortoise
held back and back the faster my mind races on

and it seems I only run on empty
or not at all

I have ever been indentured to the slaves
held down and down the farther my spirit roams on

and it seems I only run on empty
or not at all

Hour 22: Dirigibles Do Battle

Bang! Bang! Boom! Bombastic
Thirteen gunners packing powder
Bombshells trip the light fantastic
Launching loud and landing louder

Spray of splinters, hail of shrapnel
Cut the ropes! Repel the grapnel!
Those triumphant send their foe to plummet
Blooming red and black on blanched summit