Sinful Delight

Lovely lusciousness lays before me,

and I can’t wait to do more

than just


my appetite.

My eyes linger on





and I’m almost


with anticipation.

I longingly lick my lips,

a sweet sigh escaping softly

as my excitement grows.



and closer still,

until it is all that I can see.

My whole world is filled

in this moment

by the brazen and bold

beauty before me.

I reach out

and take

what is mine,



in my thrall.

I am unashamed

as I reap my reward,


getting a piece

of my favorite

chocolate cream pie.



Written in Hour 5 – Breathe In, Breathe Out

Breathe in –

fresh air and new life

fill every fiber of my being.

My very existence

is tied to the rush of wind

within my lungs,

each and every cell

grateful for the gift

that continuosly renews itself

as long as my body still moves

and my heart still beats.

Breathe out –

the old stale past

flows away,

leaving behind

a clean and empty slate.

Already circulated particles

pick up the pieces

of dirt and doubt,

and they are pushed out,

making room

for the next breath

to start the cycle again.


Written in Hour 4 – The Hour I First Believed

Huddled inside a shelter

of my own thoughts,

doubt the stakes in the ground,

self-loathing poles stretched tight

as fear created the covering above.

Hope waited outside the door,

patiently looking for entry,

and love sneaked in

through the cracks.

Any storms outside

were nothing

compared to the tempest

that raged within.

The demons and shadows

were slowly torn apart

as the wind of fortitude

and squall of resolve

blew apart the darkness,

and opened up to

the light of realization

and the beauty of inner strength.



Written in Hour 3 – Only Me

No one else

understands my rhythm –

the music I hear in my head,

or the sound of my own special song.

I am who I am.

I sing what I want.

I dance with my own steps

timed to the beat of my heart,

and driven by the dreams

in my soul.

Hi everyone!  First-time marathoner here.  Love the idea behind this event.  I feel that it is an awesome challenge, and I look forward to pushing myself to be a better writer and a better poet.  Good luck to everyone!