BOOK GIFT. Prompt 24 Hour 24.


A first edition copy

Of his first ever book

Wrapped in maroon

Brought to my nook

Lighter is my mood

Content in new book smell

Wonder full book gift

Gladly i touch it’s edges

Happy, my heart sings

Thankful my soul whispers

For the best book gift.

My Dog. Prompt 23 Hour 23

My Dog

I love my dog
He is a black dog
He is very young

I love my dog
I play with my dog
He has a nice collar

I love my dog
He is a good dog
He has a brown tail

I love my dog
He barks loudly
When he sees strangers


COLOURFUL. Prompt 22 Hour 22


Life full of colour
Like the sea blue
With no signs of blue

Like a spectral of light
Life full of colour
Every moment bright

Life full of flavor
With laughter and favor
Life full of colour


ENCLOSED. Prompt 21 Hour 21


Tired I am from my daily dose
Of sitting at home and eating away
Watching the ocean only in films
And listening to the birds’ sing song

I miss walking out in the street so late
Along the way, collecting books
Smiling at those I can’t buy
Thinking to come back for them

Crossing paths with others in shops
Running late and hurrying around
Is what I miss, sitting here
Longing for the normal days of the past

Dressing up was fun indeed
Now I’d do anything to go out free
Unmasked and without any fears
Exploring life the best I can

DARK. Prompt 20 Hour 20


Shackles of a house
Behind the bushes,dimly lit by a candle
A dark figure retreating.
The wind bellowing outside
Gushes in with a strong force,eerie.

DARK SPOT. Prompt 19 Hour 19



I am the darkest hour before Dawn
When the cold bites your smooth skin

I am the thoughts that keep you up
Every night, a company of your losses

I am the smallest mistake
But every space in your life I take

I am the ghosts that visit you
Scaring your young innocent heart

I am the silence in the street corner
Waiting for someone to freak out

I am a bottle of wine gone bad
I will leave an aftertaste if you drink

I am the conflict between two lovers
I keep getting between their love

I am the dark spot you want to erase
And until you do, you won’t glow





Prompt 18 Hour 18

Party Holidays.

School closes for the December breaks
And excitedly we go home with our folks
My sister and i looking forward to visits
To the village, where grandma lives
She loves us just like we do her stories
And we can’t wait to meet her
Everyone’s bag ready, packed to go
We flaunt in our new dresses as we board
The waiting car, and dad is going to drive us

While in the village, aunts and uncles we meet
Cousins, neighbours and everyone we greet
Happy, laughing and talking
Skipping and running around,
All the while grown-ups are conversing
A cousin is getting married
So along we match in matching dresses
Holding flowers, ravishing, eating cake

Celebration after celebration
Drinks after drinks
Week after weeks
The party goes on
Until it’s time to go
When holiday is over

Prompt 17 Hour 17


We used to dance to classic songs
Pouring out in in sync with our moves
From the new cassette tapes
That big brother got from the city

We loved to listen to the songs
While singing along the lyrics
In our minds we had mastered
We thought it would have longevity

Old enough for night parties
We carried along our favorite tapes
With our friends to dance all night
New year’s and birthdays alike

Now we have no cassette tapes
They’re running out of fashion
Replaced by new forms
But our favorite music on stays

Prompt 16 Hour 16

My Candy Jar.

My bag of Skittles
Filled with colours
Making a spectrum
Of my life, sparkling

Candy to a sweet tooth
You are my best kind
The past long behind
I strive for our tomorrow

Ice cream, flavored
Pink and blue, beauty
Sugar and spice, sweet
How i feel with you here

Chocolate dipped,thick
In summertime, cool
This I will hold onto
It’s sweetness is forever

Prompt 15 Hour 15

Holiday Trip.

Aboard I was excited
My first time on air
Favorite book packed
To keep anxiety away
And invite calmness

With friends,for holidays
Several aisle seats
Mine near the windows
For a glimpse of the clouds
With the plane in motion

Snacks and drinks
To munch on the wait
To our varying destinations
While the hostess swiftly walked
Around, comforting a shy kids

Aboard, I was happy
Of the nice services
From the terminals
As I went on with friends
To a blissful adventure

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