To My sisters

God must’ve planned
Before moulding you both

Through every storm I stand
Tho’ stricken
I’m blessed
Because I have you both

Our Destination

On my own
There was darkness everywhere
I looked around
I saw your eyes
But I shut my own

Gather round
There’s a place we’re headed
Do you see the stars?
They’re heaven’s stones
That place we must go

My Air pods

I never leave home without them
My ears levitate at every beat
Shielding me from mayhem
The ugly words that men spit

Your lips are moving
Glad I can’t hear a thing
I won’t take them off either
I know your words are bitter

Despite all odds
It’s me and my air pods
Remember I’m not alone
Music is a world of its own

Pray Child, Pray!

Do you still put those tiny hands together
Each morning in prayer
Beside your little cribs?
Do it!
No matter how sleepy you are,
Fall to your knees and shut your crystal eyes
No matter how hungry you are for breakfast.

For The One above
Listens better to you and your friends
Your hearts are so clean and pure
His anger melts when you speak!

Dear child,
Don’t pray only for food and drinks
Or for more toys and riches
Pray too for peace and love
For Life is such a battlefield!

One more thing
Please pray too for us dear child
For our hearts are too proud
Too filthy
Pray so He could have mercy
And maybe make our hearts a bit cleaner.

…And perhaps
When you’re older
The future ones will pray for you too!

No love in war land

No Love In War Land!
Ever seen your lover
Pushed to the ground
By the vomit of a merciless bazooka
With an heart- piercing sound

The hair of the man
Which you caressed so tenderly
Is all bloody
For he’s been shot!

His crystal eyes
That stared at nothing but you
Now stare tirelessly
At the butts of the flies

And his lips
…those pink…rosy…juicy lips
All blackish and stained with blood. By
Never love in war land!
I was a Victim too
Heed my words beforehand
Don’t say you had no clue!

Women are gorgeous
And men are handsome as they be
But once the grenade kicks off
Please forget your lover and flee!

I’ll die in the night

Her duskiness is nigh
I hear the mice crawling
I will with a bottle of rum
Bid my dad life good bye
I know joy comes in the morning
Only I may not make it to dawn

Applying make up to bed
I can’t die in ugliness
Tonight could be my last
I’ll forget the tears ever shed
I’ll recall only happiness
Not a trace of the sad past

One last plate of cereal
I crave golden morn
But too late!
It felt so surreal
He really cocked the gun
It’s my fate!
Told you I won’t see dawn

My final moment

Fixing my attitude
Though it’s a wicked life
Cleaning in sweet sad solitude
My messes that brought strife

Why watch the rain under the shade
When I can dance in it?
It soon slows to a drizzle
Pit-a-pat pit-a-pat
It’s the sound of a life starting to fade

I’ve read about gravity
The nine planets, aliens and galaxies
Incase I’m ever trapped in space
On the top shelfs are books so dusty
’bout the devil, hell and it’s calamities
He’ll hnows I won’t read a phrase
My gaze is ethereal these days
Books about everything holy
God, heaven and grace ‘s a yes please
For they’ll wipe my soul of every trace

On my way home
Only good days I’ll recall
I’ll forget the enemies’ zone
‘Nd all who made me fall

It’s my final moments
Hear my last words
Anoint me clergies
And to those I brought torments
To visions I have blurred
My sincere apologies

Hunger pangs of youth

Clean pots
Sparkling cutlery
The sink has got no spots
Chopping boards but no celery

Do you have a job for me?
Hunger won’t let me be
I could kill to have a nice meal
But my conscience won’t sit still

Fourty-one theives and their leader
We’d cry open sesame
But if you’d share dear Alibaba
I’ll round them up and be your homey

Started a YouTube channel
Wrote blogs
Escaped my introvert shell
And made vlogs
But this poor soul just can’t seem
To do it the way the world deems fit

I’m everything but a kid
Billing Papa’s been forbidden
Since I got my wisdom tooth
Eversince I’ve felt acid
Scraping my gastric wall but it’s nothing..
Just hunger pangs of youth

Settle wergle wrote me a poem

Again she stumbled on a contest
“why do they care?” she said
There’s this scar on her chest
“No one cares how little writers fare”

Same old same old
What glitters these days is fake gold!

I know a girl
Who wrote a million and one times
But no one would swirl
They live on as her artistic heart dies

Even the London bridge lady doubted her fairness
Until the builders shielded their eyes from all her brightness

I’m quite shy to admit you see,
Perhaps you have noticed?
I’m the she and the she is me
One writer no one has ever noticed

A horse by the name Wergle
Neighed at her from her phone screen
Your feather kept giving her a tickle
Till She yelled ‘I’m a persevering Queen!’

She usually toiled her pen for no dime
But you had the girlie’s black pupils
replaced with dollar sign

You seem to be a straw
‘Cause I’ll be a camel
“No entry fee” was what I saw
Okay! Here’s an offer sweet as caramel

I may not have stressed my brain
But here I am about to send the mail Settle Wergle wrote me this poem
Fingers are crossed if it will sound sane
Will this hammer head hit the reader’s nail?
Yes it will, Amen!

Bones in our museum

Did I do something wrong?
They are staring with two dark holes
Don’t tell me to be strong!
behind those osteocytes lie many souls

There are many bones in our museum
Patella, femur and tibia
They’re from abandoned bodies I assume
Prisoners from Chad, Nigeria and Libya

Every bone I try to study
Whispers a story to my hearing
It’s scary out there!
The ribcage was murdered by his own buddy
The fontanelle was killed by her own mummy

Some how they got here
Just to be manhandled
A sad afterlife
After a sad life

But the students don’t care
It’s the bone’s cross to handle

Except me!
I know their story
It’s stuck in my head like a tattoo
And they seem to know me too
Must be why they visit me every night in my dreams.

I do get scared!
But they promised I won’t fail this semester’s Bone test
They’ll help me revise from coccyx to head
For now, I’ll Forget fear
let’s pass first!