Mother Earth

As I walk through the forest deep, and look beyond through the trees.

As I watch the sunlight filter through the leaves,  to give light through the darkness there, so I may see.

Mother Earth,

With every bloom,  with greenery all around, I feel the softness of the grassy ground.

I fall to my knees to hold the earth in my hands,  to breathe in the beauty that surrounds me.

I feel my heart beating as if I am one with the earth,  and silently say say thank you Mother Earth.

For the air I breathe the water I drink,  and fire that burns inside my soul at night,  and the beautiful earth on which I reside.

As my heart fills with love and understanding of it all,  even when I walk in the forest all alone,  my Mother Earth is with me.

On each and every journey I take she is within my heart and soul as I awake,  to see the beauty of Mother Nature…

C. Burgess (c)


Poems (10am poem)

When I lay in bed at night,  I think of all the poems to write.

So many things swim around in my head,

And I know I’ll forget

I love poetry it is part of my life,

A thought,  a smile that is so bright.

Poems are what I think of at night,

I cannot sleep, I wonder why.

I lay there and think of so many things to write.

When it will stop I never know, someday when I grow old.

I no my poems will never die, or all my heart and soul that was put into words of my poems.

For that was all I ever had,  was to write my dreams good or bad…

C. Burgess (c)



Echo’s in my Mind (9am poem)

Echo’s in my mind are dark and deep,

As I wake from a fuzzy sleep.

Still swimming with in my dreams.

Still seeing them in echo’s of streams.

These echo’s go round in my mind,

Making it a echo through time…

C. Burgess (c)


Be it,  that there are never any

Endings in my life,

Give me a new beginning.

In the beginning it’s not easy,

Not without confusion,

Not without frustration and pain.

In not being sure in anyway,

Not knowing what to do or say,

Giving gratefulness for each day.

Still, I’ll except new beginnings as a new experience…

C. Burgess (c)