Running on empty.
Running out of time.
Always running,
rarely resting.

Now I’m running out of rhyme.

On Hope

Hope is a 4-letter word
that is necessary to survive.
Almost as essential as breathing…
so we must work to keep hope alive.

There’s plenty of proof of sorrow,
but we can’t let anguish rule the day.
Hope is only deterrent that
can hold deep despair at bay.

So keep hope alive as a practice.
Renew your faith in what’s good
as you go.
With hope on your side,
you can withstand
any challenges you’ll come to know.

Water Meditation

Each night
between dusk and sundown
I pause to water the garden.
There is nothing more important
in that moment.
I pay attention as I go.
With attention,
I notice and appreciate
the flow of water
growth and change
new buds,
full blossoms,
and scattered petals.

I know I am done
when I have attended to all the plants,
when the white moon rises against
a lavender sky,
and when the bat starts flitting
and dipping in its aerobatic flight.

Past Midnight

Moon glow casts shadows
on the closet door—
geometric watercolors that flicker.
I watch them for a while
before turning toward the window
and the grace of your bare arm:
a luminous silhouette.
My gaze travels along the smooth
and curve of you,
and finally rests on
the leg you’ve flung over the duvet,
toe pointing toward morning.

Dream Visit

You’ve come to me in a dream again.
This time it’s exactly a year since
you left us,
after fist fighting with death
until there was no fight left.

Now here you are-
radiant and giddy,
“Fine as frog’s hair,”
unencumbered by aging or illness…
or a life that never pulled any punches.

I reach out with both arms
to pull you closer.
As I am about to touch you,
you are gone again.


Endless combinations
of color and light.

The most minor shift
brings new design
and unique beauty.

Another shift
and the pattern is gone
and won’t ever be seen again.

Mending Instructions

1. Thread kindness through
the needle of your apology
and let the needle pierce
beyond the excuses and half

2. Pull the thread toward
a place of grace, humility,
and the recognition that even
when you are wrong, you are loved.
That even when you are right, you
are free to make mistakes.

3. Kiss away any doubt.

4. Do better next time.

Daylight Prayer

Horizon of pink.
Grey droplets kiss my cheek.
I rise to meet the day.

Sun blooms warm.
I close my eyes
and dwell on thoughts of you.

Returning home,
sun fades
on the horizon— blue and deep.
Thanks for another day.

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