Well it’s been fun and interesting too!

Alas, this last prompt I shall not do.

My mind is weary, my words are coming slow.

I bid you all adieu,  for now I must go!

I will have fun reading other’s works.

I look forward to the rest as the sunset lurks.

I’ve so enjoyed this opportunity again!

Thank you to the Jan’s, for now, so long friends!











“Dear Debbie, Age 13 With Your Knee Injury”

You never even stopped to ask yourself,

Do you know how to ride a motorcycle?

Crazy Adventures lead to mishaps

That haunt you for awhile!

If your folks had been present,

You would have never ridden that bike through the wood!

You’ve always been to curious for your own good.

The rest of your life has been filled with pains and aches.

All because you gave it gas instead of using the brakes!

Several trips to the dentist, to fix your broken tooth you see.

Plus 3 times to surgery to fix your damaged Knee!

Some small words of advice; push forward, go slow, it’ll all be dandy.

Take it from me, I know, I keep several canes handy!

PS. Curiosity is not all it’s cracked up to be!


Debbie, Ages older who’s now more careful with her knee!




Hard Luck!

Night has fallen, not one Moonbeam can pierce the fog,

That has slowly closed in around me.

I’ve had my fishing pole off the shelf for awhile now,

Surely something will bite,

For my line has been in the water for what seems like an eternity!

Enjoying the last of my hot coffee

Out of my canteen, as coyotes howl into the night.

All is still now, as a hush falls across the mighty fir trees,

that surround this massive Lake

Waves almost lull  me to sleep as they lap to shore with ease.

Guess I might pack it in as this is going pretty slow.

the only bites I’m getting are from the hungry swarm of damn mosquitoes!

Oh for Pete’s sake, got my sock wet as I slipped off my rock.

Walking back in the misty darkness my pained voice echoes to and fro.

For i have managed to stub my toe on the concrete dock!

I’M DONE!!!!



An Epic Of Polar Adventure-Endurance

Moving about in younger years,

Sometimes brought laughter, sometimes tears!

This town, that city, a new state of mind.

Always a cool destination,

How many friends did I find?

California was golden alright,

So desperately dry.

Plan a picnic on any summer day,

With not a drop of rain from the sky!!

Boulder, Colorado, Carolina too,

Down south do they call that constant sweat,

Humidity or dew?

I’m glad i landed where I’m at,

Being older now and wiser at that!

Oh, I musn’t forget the freezing tundra of New Hampshire,

As I sigh……

There are two seasons up there…. Winter and the 4th of July!




My Grandpa loved three things:

Wading boots, fishing,

And Catalpa worms for bait.

He hated Grandchildren running through his garden,

Being told he couldn’t have ice cream for breakfast,

And Stepping on slippery stones.

—-It is not wise to fish in the Eel River Alone!


Great Grandma’s Old Homestead

I see you now in my mind!   How frail you were many years ago! Your white hair all pinned up neatly in a bun. Sometimes you would sit in your chair trying to listen to all of us, your little great grand children, as we were running around there!  Your hearing aids were in place, a look of tiredness on your face! There were trinkets and treasures in a big, glass case, on display. I was so young then, but later learned about what hard times  you lived and went through back in your day!

Sometimes when we’d come to visit, we would play in the yard, I was told there were snakes about so I always stayed on guard!  My cousins and I would run in and out of the house. I hope we didn’t disturb you as you rested in that big tall bed! I wasn’t around when you passed away, I wish I had been, I often think back to those precious days!  Wouldn’t you be lost and probably not know how to act with all this modern day stuff we have now! I think you would  figure it out anyhow! Thank you Great Grandma for the strength I’ve learned from you and how you never gave up! You persevered as your five children you raised on your own: Your little family you led!  One day soon I’m going to go back to my roots and look up your old Homestead! I love you!


























































































































































































































































































































It Was Quite Humorous To Me

I giggle now at crazy times long ago.

You’d locked me out thinking you were so smart,

Not so!!!!!

You changed the locks on the door.

I climbed over the railing of the porch,

Into the house and through the sliding glass,

I was inside once more!

it doesn’t matter now, but a bit of advice I could give you on your past endeavor:

Next time, check all the locks and try to be more clever!

Forget Me Nots

Your face was troubled.

Expressions of fear and worry on your brow.

As the days pass by so slowly,

Your breathing is becoming rattled and labored now.

Two images in the darkness again appear.

One of peaceful countenance as you lie so still.

The other of amazing flowers of vivid blue.

O My Sweet Mama i wish that you could stay.

The Velvet azure flowers have slipped into hazy shadows,

And now have slipped away!

In dimming light of evening comes to me a thought:

The blue flowers that I saw were definitely “Forget Me Not’s”

I sat beside your bed and and listened carefully and watched,

As you took your last two breaths.

Hot tears flooded down as I bowed my head in prayer.

Rest well underneath His wings, I’ll see you soon when we all get to Heaven Fair.


An Appealing Slice Of Life

O merry moth, or are you a butterfly?

How I wonder where you’ve been as I see you flitting by!

Have you visited my roses red and drank from their morning dew?

Where do you sleep when the day is through?

The juicy orange slices I’m sure are tasty and sweet.

Glad you enjoyed them, remember to wash your sticky feet!

Musings Of Morning

I have noted that the birds are singing beautiful melodies and sunshine is warm upon my back.  The flags on the flagpole in my front yard are sailing slightly in the humid breeze.  My curious kittens are scampering around the property looking to see what mischief may be awaiting.  I’m smiling! The pool pump is making it’s usual morning swirls through the swimming pool. It will feel so nice later on when I get in there and take a cool dip. Hopefully it will refresh my words and make them flow freely from my heart! Tomorrow’s forecast calls for a cold front to bring rain and cooler temperatures of 90 degrees. Yeah!!!  I’m thankful!

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