There was a brief moment

When I held ALL.

When I saw the spark

That is this moment

And is eternity,

And is infinity.

Timeless in its omnipotence.

I still hold ALL.


When lifted from the ashes,

All illusion falls away,

And we are left with this…

The moment of our birth

And the moment of our death.


Realizing that

All in between

Is a grand lesson

To teach us how to fly.

With the Knowing

That Love is Light

And Light is Love

And All that is real

Is within.


Can you become

Like a mirror

Reflecting that which is?


Can you delve

Into every crevice

Of your being

To finally meet

And come to know

Who you truly are?


Can you explore

Your fear

And tremble

Through it

Rather than

Trying to

Escape from it?


Can you

Go into it,

Even if it brings you

Suffering and pain?

Just maybe ….

On the other side of fear

You will find Love.

The Key

When you come to KNOW,

There are no words,

No language

Other than silence.


It is the nothingness,

The vastness,

The infinite space

In between everything.


The Akasha

The joins together

Earth and Air,

Fire and Water.


It is the KEY



Light, Dark

Black, White

Birth, Death

Hot, Cold

Above, Below

Left, Right

Duality merging into ONE.


I am a conduit

For the Light that flows through

Another node

In the connection of All.


I am instrument

Of universal energy

A carrier of Love

That flows through all.


I watch you struggle silently

And offer Love in hand.

I cannot walk the road for you

I CAN be your friend.


Offering a hand to hold,

An ear to listen,

And a heart that knows

There is grace…

Even in this.


Soft is The Hand

That holds my hand

And soft the love that flows.

Mountains in the Sand

The grains of sand

Are joined in turn

A rock is formed

In this.

When gathered more

The grains of sand

A boulder

Now exists.

When gathered All

The grains together

Now I can see

The mountains in the sand.

A New Galaxy

Climb on board

Let’s take a trip

Higher, higher

Rising up.

In between,

Above, below

And all around

We fly.

A new galaxy.

Light Remains

Sun’s rays on water

Rolling in.

She lowers herself

Into the water.

Day is done

And night begins.

Once Sun,

Now Moon.

Light remains.