Hour 12 – Happiness

I was drowning in the depths,
And your hand reached down to save me.

I fell from the heights,
And you provided and a soft place to land.

Tears threatened to overwhelm me,
And you kissed each one away.

Fear consumed me,
And you surrounded me with your secure embrace.

Happiness found me,
Because you were by my side.


Hour 11 – Wait Child

Her heart leaped in her chest as he took her hand in his.

Wait, child, wait.
Don’t give your heart away.

Joy flooded her body as he whispered secrets in her ear.

Wait, child, wait.
Don’t give your heart away.

He tells her he loves her and she thinks her dreams have come true.

Wait, child, wait.
Don’t give your heart away.

She is blinded by the diamond when he asks her to be his wife

Wait, child, wait.
Don’t give your heart away.

In a whirl of roses and lace, she dances through her wedding day.

Wait, child, wait.
Don’t give your heart away.

Now the roses have died and the dancing has stopped.

Wait, child, wait.
Don’t give your heart away.

Fear grips her soul as his footsteps draw him closer to her hiding place.

Hush child, hush.
Don’t give your heart away.

Pain rushes through her body as he releases his anger with his fist.

Hush child, hush.
Steal your heart away.


Hour 10 – Gold

It shines and gleams and can buy you many things.

Gold can make you rich and make those around you green.

For some gold can give life, but for others it brings death.

The gold of the sun’s rays can feel soft and warm while the gold of a coin is hard and cold.

The way you use it and the way you see it makes all the difference when you are dealing with gold.


Hour 9 – Spider

I look out the window and the sun skips off a silvery web

The balanced design is beautifully intricate and centered by the spider waiting for its prey.

Beautiful peril for an unsuspecting bug.


So patiently the spider spun his web, and now so patiently he waits.

As I watch, I see storm clouds approaching, and soon the rain falls.


The wind begins to rush and the rain hits the glass like pieces of metal.

I can no longer see the spider or his exquisite creation.


Time passes and the rain relents as the storm continues to rumble in the distance.

As the sun peeks from behind black clouds, my eye is drawn back to a glint of silver.


Again, the spider begins to spin his web patiently and, again he will patiently wait.


Hour 8 – Nevermore

Golden Shovel using – “Quoth the Raven ‘Nevermore.’”
(Poem credit Edgar Allan Poe, “The Raven”)

With weary voice, He doth quoth,

The memory of a word that follows the.

Night has fallen and the sky is black as a raven.

His word remains unspoken as he sighs, “Nevermore.”


Hour 7 – Frozen

As the pain melted from her face the room is pierced with silence.

Her hand begins to cool despite being wrapped by mine and I instinctively pull the covers up trying to keep her warm. But still her hand grows colder and the ice crawls up toward my heart.

I close my eyes and hold my breath as I will my heart to stop. I want to fall to the hard floor beneath me and never get up.

Blurred figures move in and out of my periphery until the room is empty and still.

It is only her and me now. But maybe it is really only me.

I am frozen to the spot next to her. She was still here just moments ago but now she is gone. I couldn’t keep her here. I wouldn’t want to extend her pain. But now I am alone even as I hold her hand.

I am paralyzed and I don’t know what to do. I cannot simply walk out of the room and leave her.

So, I stand frozen by the cold hand wrapped in mine.


Hour 6 – Darkness


The darkness is coming, and its shadowy fingers reach toward me as I run.

Trying to escape it is an act of futility, but I will not surrender.

My heart pounds to the rhythm of my frantic feet as I desperately try to elude its grasp.

There is no one to help me, no hand for me to hold. Only the icy tongue lapping at my back.

The darkness is closing in, and I cannot widen the gap between us.

I can only keep running.

As my feet try to move forward, I feel the cold blackness running up my spine.

As it flows over me, the only sound that is left is my scream.


Hour 5 – My Hiding Place


The trees stand tall as I wander through their shadows, protecting me from my reality.

I watch the birds dancing in the clouds like kites and I want to take flight.

The steady trickle of the stream is like white noise against the clamor of the world just beyond my oasis.

I smile as I skip smooth stones across the surface of the water as I sit on the bank.

The sounds I hear are peaceful and filled with energy. Nature is alive and I have become a part of it –

If only for a moment.

Eventually, I will return to my reality. One of chaos, hurt, and pain. But for now, I am safe as calm surrounds me in natures all-consuming arms.


Hour 4 – Stronger


They tried to wound her with words and deeds

And yet her heart grows stronger.


They turned her away each time she found a new path

And yet her heart grows stronger.


The took her love but then mocked and destroyed it

And yet her heart grows stronger.


The took her dreams but then burned them to ask

And yet her heart still grows stronger.


Hour 3 – Wealth vs. Want


The perfection and symmetry of the wealthy.

Clean, orderly, fresh, new, peaceful.

Their energy is spent on making everything fit their mold.


Dirt and chaos of poverty

Bloody, frightening, stressful.

Their energy is spent on survival.


What lies between these two worlds?

Is there a bridge to span it?