Hour 12 – Crossroads

I stand at a crossroads
Unsure and confused

One way leads to something known
The other into the unknown

One way is easy
The other is terrifying

One way will please others
The other is just for me

One way I dread
The other ignites a fire within

One way is expected
The other is cautioned against

I stand at a crossroads
Unsure and confused


-Diana Kristine

Hour 11 – Dear Younger Me

You are unloved, but love is coming.

You are lost, but one day you will be found.

You are unheard of, but one day your voice will be loud and strong.

You cry alone, but one day someone will wipe away your tears.

You are unseen, but one day their eyes will be opened.

You are afraid, but one day you will be invincible.


You think that you can’t go on, but one day you will RISE.


-Diana Kristine

Hour 10 – Stop

The wind stings as it whips past my face.
My cheeks are raw from its abuse.

But I cannot stop.

My feet strike the hard ground beneath me.
The pain slithers up my legs.

But I cannot stop.

My breath is rapid and labored.
My lungs burn with the effort.

But I cannot stop.

I hear him running behind me.
His anger grasps for me.

I cannot stop.

I hear his heavy breathing getting closer.
His putrid breath licks at my hair.

I cannot stop.

I am surrounded by shadowy howls.
Fear grips my heart.

But I cannot stop.

I plunge forward into the murky night.
My eyes are blinded.

But I cannot stop.

His tormented laughter is near.
My ears bleed at the sound.

But I cannot stop.

His fleshless hands reach for me.
I feel them claw at my clothes.

I cannot stop.

His malevolent voice gurgles in his throat.
I feel a hand latch on to my arm.

I cannot stop.

I am being pulled toward him.
I desperately try to pull free.

Please, someone, make him stop.


-Diana Kristine

Hour 9 – The Storm

She stood against the battering winds
The drops from the mouth of the tempest burned into her flesh

She tried to resist,
she tried to be strong

But the raging void swallowed her
And she was crushed within.

-Diana Kristine

Hour 8 – The Shadow Man

A wraithlike shadow stands at my door.
My eyes are fixed on it while the tendrils of icy terror crawl entwine my heart.
I hold my breath praying the thing cannot see me.

It shifts and its vacant eyes lock onto mine and I am frozen in place.
My mind is frantically trying to find an escape, but there isn’t one and I am too afraid to move.
The shadow shifts again and its eyes disappear. I wonder if perhaps it didn’t see me and my heart beats with hope.

It shifts once more, and it is no longer in the doorway. It is now standing in my room.
Hope has evaporated.

It blinks and the void of his eyes stare into mine. It sees me.
I open my mouth to scream but there is only silence. I try again to no avail.

It continues to stare vacantly into my eyes. It is unmoving.
I can feel his look crawling inside of me. It is searching for my heart.

Dawn breaks and a sliver of the new sun escapes the blinds.
It slowly reaches toward the wraith.
The light moves close,r the shadow man dissipates and is gone.

I wrench open the blinds and watch as the pink light of morning floods the room.
My heart calms and I wipe the droplets from my face.

I am safe, but only until the shadow man returns once again.

-Diana Kristine

Hour 7 – The Four Seasons of Love

Butterflies, sunshine, laughter
Excitement, fun, blooming

Heat, fire, passion
Joy, togetherness, growth

Comfort, warmth, security
Complacent, joined, stagnant

Discomfort, chill, uncertainty
Sadness, separate, alone

-Diana Kristine

Hour 6 – Morning

My eyes open in the early morning darkness
I reach out and my hand is engulfed in soft fur.
A wet nose presses against my arm

I stretch and breathe in the morning
The ball of fur urges me out of bed
My bare feet are planted on the cool, smooth wood of the floor

The faraway crow of a rooster greets my ears
I listen to the twitter of birds as they awaken
The sound is mixed with the tip tap of excited paws

Soon the sun’s rays warm me
I watch lights begin to come on inside windows
The day has begun

A cool breeze caresses my cheek as it passes
The smell of breakfast sneaks out someone’s door
In the distance, a car engine starts

I sit and watch the ducks floating silently on the pond
with the scent of wildflowers floating in the air
I run the soft, damp grass through my fingers

I breathe in the wonders of nature
And I am at peace

-Diana Kristine

Hour 5 – The Old Tree

Her fingers traced the heart carved into the old tree.
The edges were rough from the blade of his dull knife.
She remembered when he carved it there.
It seemed like just yesterday, but her grey hair reminds her of the years gone by.

He covered her eyes and she laughed as he pulled her blindly across the field.
When they got to the tree, he placed her hand over the heart and asked her what she felt.
It felt the same today as it did that first day.
That was the day he told her that he loved her.

They came back to the old tree on the day he got down on his knee.

In the time since they had moved away, raised a family, and grown deeper in love.

This was their final trip to the old tree together.
She paused there for just a moment longer.
She didn’t want to leave their tree without him.
But after a time, she sighed.
She placed a few wildflowers on top of the fresh dirt.

And, as she walked away, the tears ran slowly down her cheeks.

-Diana Kristine

Hour 4 – The Dragon

The ground shakes beneath my feet and I stumble toward a tree to steady myself.
My eyes search for the source. The air shudders as it carries a piercing screech through the sky.

I watch as the horizon begins to blaze with orange and red.

Horses gallop past me, their eyes wide in terror.
The dust from their hooves blurs the fiery sky briefly.
Birds fly frantically past, desperate to escape whatever is coming.

I cling to the trunk of the tree, the rough bark tears at my skin, and a great wind rushes toward me.
The gale pulses as I am engulfed in its power.

Another shrill bellow rings out and I try hopelessly to block the noise.
The violent wind multiplies, and a massive beast rises in the distance.

I shade my eyes, afraid of what I might see. It emits a discordant howl.
My eyes are now drawn to the dreadful sight.

The beast’s great wings sound like thunder with each maneuver and it is soon hovering above me.
Its immense neck stretches before it and writhes as it frantically searches the earth below.

I remain unmoving and pray I remain unseen.

Suddenly, the great dragon rears back its head as it sucks in the air around it.
When it exhales an effusion of flames shoot across the sky, the heat burns my skin and I crouch at the base of the tree I have turned to for shelter.

The dragon hesitates for another moment before its body flattens and it darts into the distance.
I watch it disappear into the mountains beyond and am in awe of its magnificence.


-Diana Kristine

Hour 3 – Alone

I walk through the large room.
The sound of voices is deafening.


But no one is talking to me.


Hundreds of people surround me.
All looking into the eyes of those they are with.


But no one is looking at me.


The clock strikes midnight and the music plays.
Lovers embrace and kiss.


But no one is kissing me.


-Diana Kristine

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