“Infectious Giggling”

Hour Twenty-Four Prompt: Hope

Children’s laughter reminds me of hope.

Graduation ceremonies promise hope.

Medical advances allow me hope.

My family gives me hope.

Genuine friends access hope.

I have to reciprocate because the alternative is doom.

Love still occurs.

Then a I hear a child’s contagious laughter and am recharged with a jolt of hope. DMW

“Nice Place to Visit, Don’t Know I Want to Live There”

Hour Twenty-Three: Prompt: A Different World

Our three moons taking turns by staggering phasing leaves us both water -logged and amphibious.

Our Tagi (sphere of habitation) mambas with Yash (another inhabited sphere) we crossbreed with.

Our vafs (outer membranes) are green-plaided on both Tagi and Yash. This should keep us safe and equal,

Our antennae serve as (your eyes) All are a shimmering gold with red specks This should keep us safe and equal.

We only consume red flakes all the time, served only one way. This should keep us safe and equal.

There is one language, all pronunciations, give no hint of birth location, parental bias, no slang language is available.

We travel through triangulated trams to provide less friction on our wargs (your bottoms). Seating is first come, first served. This should keep us safe and healthy.

Our children have no other lives than to procreate.

Politicians are held accountable or become hewersbaa (too scary to describe, trust me) bait. This should keep us safe, healthy, and equal.

We’re almost there.DMW

“Chef’s Canvas”

Hour Twenty-Two

I could eat pizza every day.

I make my own l luscious, I’m not afraid of hate mail.

You see pizza has graced my palette for breakfast, leftover lunch and dinner etiquette.

Versatile, melting cheeses, veggies, meats, gluten free too. Pizza adornment needn’t a muse.

Pizza is medicinal and fragrant and true, If it’s not on your pizza, then it wasn’t meant to! DMW



Hour Twenty-One

Text prompt: “Running” as first word and final word.

Running a store was once an aspiration, not interested now.

Running programs for kids was fun, maybe not now.

Much in the world today is so unnatural.

A dispute can become deadly, a misunderstanding a felony and who knows why this happens when no one is telling.

We ‘ve harmed Mother Nature so much, that fish are not spawning, they’re just running. DMW

“Spiritual Potpourri “

Hour Twenty: Prompt: A Daily Ritual

Centering myself via prayer, reading, meditation in different religious disciplines every day works well for me. Getting spiritually sound takes work people!

I need all the help I can get.

I vary the time of day, just so long as by each midnight my compliment of centering prayers/reading/mindfulness are completed.

I need all the help I can get.

When literature is available, there is definitely some I reject even though I need all of the help I can get.

For some reason, people come to me to unload, and I listen, usually well!

I have something they’re looking for, I guess.

I leave something for myself in the reservoir of kindness I obtain from my daily spiritual potpourri.

Centering is never wasted or abused. I have no formula, and no genie at my behest. I express ungreedily and simply that what I need is help, and help arrives. DMW

“Spiked Color Wheel”

Hour Nineteen: Ekphrastic photo response

Ruddy russet and golden field

School colors somewhere

Sky blued to match dolphin’s birthplace.

Can a sky escape from clouds?

Can one come down this single road and leave?

Not till nightfall

and even then, the colors

will vibrate.

“Banned Book”

Hour Eighteen: Haunting

This library book must be long overdue, because I remember when you took it out years ago,

Too ashamed to take it back? I’ll carry it for you. No? Why not? Don’t touch it?Don’t open it, don’t look in its center. Well I just did, so there.

You’re kidding! Come back here!

My ears aren’t ringing, I’m hearing an internal song, never heard it before, but it goes on and on “It’s only a book. It’s only a book. My fingers are cramping, it’s only a book. It’s only a book, my chair just shook, it’s only a book, it’s only a book. My fingers are cramping, and my arm is taking the shape of a hook. Oh, it’s one of those banned books. DMW

“Kaleidoscope Therapy”

Daiku= Haiku form with a Diane twist


Colors never bore

Shifting and filtering life

People never bore.


Learn to accept me

Attitudes are so complex

Hey, try filtering!


Lessons are ageless.

Life teaches us so much more

Shift without warning.


Begin with yourself

How much bravery involved?

Wea re all colored. DMW

“Whether Weather Report”

Hour Sixteen

They mentioned a tornado arriving home soon, and the (approximate) areas affected.

The tornado didn’t have a direct route, propelling so many establishments and families lives sacrificing and disrupted.

Rebuilding is a must.

So, when your grades arrived, like a sacrifice through a storm, naturally you’re not one, We have always spun around careful to cause you no harm, and although the winds have died down, the debris you will salvage alone, and work on campus from now on. DMW

“Looks Can Be, Well..”

Hour Fifteen: Prompt:  When confronted by a stranger, and perhaps her perspective.

I am ticked off! Why does she look so cool and comfortable in this heat on this delayed train!

So, I picked on the cool composed one.

I felt like it. Annoyance bloomed in me, and I felt safe.

Anyway, she didn’t look dangerous.

She looked relatively docile and when she didn’t answer me, I went ballistic. Others laughed, so I left the train too embarrassed to say sorry. DMW

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