Stranded in the hollow

Worlds away.

Against my will (yet I allowed it).

In a home that wasn’t mine (on loan, a safe house).

I need to connect (yet no signal to bring me home).

A worthless bridge (lifeless without invisible power).

How will I survive (worlds away)?


*hour 5


A pregnant pause.

A decision too momentous to rush.

“Is this really where you want to be?”

His soft tone hid the power of the question.

To be in a place – to live in a place is to determine the rest of time.

A choice that ripples in time.

A dot on a map, seemingly random numbers of a coordinate.

The words “no” quickly rush to the poignant conversations.

Dialogue, discussions centered on a place.

To be. Exist in a spot.

“Is this really where you want to be?”



Hour 4 prompt

Before Darkness

Before darkness,

the twilight.

The sun’s warm beams soften, glow.

The harshness of the day subsides.

Beauty is intensified.

The earth is a canvas painted with peace and warmth,

oblivious to all that is not beautiful.

Before darkness,


The bittersweet goodbye of a soul,

knowing his journey is inevitable.

The chance to unburden hearts and thoughts.

Before darkness,


Summer of Change

Driving through the lush green valleys,

Newborn babe in tow,

All we owned and all we were,

Stowed away and traveling forth.

Summer’s faded end was nearing.

A symbol of our journey,

A new leaf, a new page, a new book.

The end of an era, and the start of our reckoning.


To start at the end

imageOpen. Widen. Rip.

Tear. Twist. Push.

A soul’s first first journey,

at the expense of another.

A mother’s gift to her babe,

a gift unreturnable, unpredictable,

a present to create presence.

Love begets agony,

at its peak —


Time freezes, the world is created anew,

history forever altered,

countless lives to be altered, affected.

All because a mother’s pain ceased.

But life began.



I just wanted to test this and make sure I got the hang of it!