The Spider

Spiders come in big and small
Its legs so long and hairy. (ew!)
Eight of those legs they use to crawl
To find me where I hide.
     I gasp!
          I bolt!
               I whimper!
If I was to speak about my son (and I am)
All 6’2 of him
He would scream like a little girl (he has)
And run hysterically out of the room
Only to have his daughter get the spider
The big, mean, ugly spider
Just so he would not have to.

The Difference

Original line from Robert Frost “I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Walking along this path did I
Many mental pictures I took
Of trees and flowers, animals and clouds the
Moment I picked a blossom, the world was minus one
Taking my time, I covered less
Ground that my feet had traveled
And so by and by
I came to a clearing and
To find my soul was full of that
Which has
In nature, not man made,
An inspiring influence of all
I left the shadows, sauntered into the
Sun, and my choice is how I made a difference.

Inside Out

Inside my world is topsy turvy
I don’t know where to go
A cacophony of sounds
So much is going on.
The dog it barks, the cats meow
The music plays so loud
I cover my ears for silence
Put a blanket over my head like a shroud.
Outwardly I look so calm
Enjoying the joyful patter
Inside I’m screaming, no one hears
What I feel, it does not matter.

The Deer

A deer is in the graveyard
Watching over the forgotten souls
Wandering peacefully amid the headstones
Grazing, resting, with no goals.

As I wander within the graveyard
My eyes dart to the deer
I cannot keep myself from wondering
Just why that deer is staying here.

Is the deer the keeper of the lost?
Is he the watcher of the time?
Why does he stand among the tombs?
He bids their passing a gentle goodbye.

Youth in the Mountains

Fireworks sparking into the night
Reflections on the lake.
Mountains soaring up so high
Emotions filling my head.  
     I tripped.
         We kissed.
     I ran and hid.
My shy embarrassment out of hand.
I look back with a wry smile….
So innocent I was.

Oh What a Glorious Day

With a peaceful heart, I make my way
I follow my thoughts, decide what to say
I create ideas like a potter with his clay
Oh what a glorious day!

With a grateful heart, I cannot go halfway
I design my purpose, in a wondrous display
I ride my emotions through a gateway
Oh what a glorious day!

With a knowing heart, I feel no dismay
Even when my words form a cliché
I hold on to my hope, go the long way
Oh what a glorious day!

With a full heart overflowing, no delay
I reach my goals and put them on display
I jump for joy with every essay
Oh what a glorious day!

A Cabin in the Middle of Nowhere

Serenity is felt
In the coolness of the mountains.
In the solitary madness
In a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Peace comes to me
The land is wide and free
I look into eternity
In a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Tranquility is abundant
As I look to the far horizon
The quiet speaks to me
In a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

I bow my head
I say a prayer
I smile and get to my feet.
I have found the renewal, the nourishment I need
In a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

Making a Difference

I want to make a difference in this world
To speak of it, well, there are no sounds
I want to make a life that is well lived
Improving the lives of those around me,
                      someone whose love abounds.

I want to make a difference in this world
To make those around me smile
In all my actions, every day
To be one who is thought positive,
                      an optimist who would go the extra mile.

I want to make a difference in this world
Take the sorrow and the pain
Change the way people act and think
Towards those whose lives can be a struggle,
                      who know how to smile in the rain.

I want to make a difference in this world
Yes, the words are something not said aloud
To make this world a better place
More positive, joyful, and loving,
                      expressed in every thought and sound.

Elements Around Us

The earth is round, blue and green
Its delights are well known to all.
The wind and rain, snow and sun
Invite us to enjoy the windfall.
     The wind caresses our skin
     With pleasurable wisps so light
     It makes the trees talk, in a susurration
     Blows tumbleweeds into the night.
Fire is a changeable creature
In turns it can heal or destroy
With its incandescent aura
It swirls, as its heat it deploys.
     Water, oh water, can be comforting
     Or it can destroy all that you know
     Its strength many find deceptive
     If not careful, it will pull you below.
The elements are all around us
In a circle of life so divine
Earth, wind, fire and water
Are all part of the great design.

Testing with a Poem

The silky hot liquid steams in my mug

I inhale its frothy fragrance in.

It is rich and strong, with a touch of sweet

It awakes me so my day can begin.

I take just a sip and warmth fills my soul

Down my throat it flows so strong

I smile and stretch, my mind renewed

I rise and go all day long.

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