Haiku #1

She is selecting

a card, then is surrounded

by the shopping carts.




I’m Donna from LA and I’m ready to write more haiku for the second year in a row of doing the half marathon!

Haiku #13

My feet are so small.

And I’ve walked a trillion steps.

And I’m still going.

Haiku #12

Time is not a when.

It’s rolling geography.

And you’re ev’rywhere.


Haiku #11

Death is not darkness.

It is the worlds I travel

At night in some dreams.

Haiku #9

I walked through my room.

I saw the bug on my wall.

It screamed in horror.

Haiku #7

I saw a cute ghost.

Brown hair and white tee/blue jeans.

I think about him.

Haiku #6

My dogs are good stars

In this life—days in, days out.

Bright’ning all of it.