Hour 12: Walking through the night

“As I was walking by the street,

At night,

I saw a car zoom past me,

Not knowing who I was,

Not knowing why I was there,

To them, I was just another passing stranger,

They glanced at,

Through the corner of their eye,

While going a 100 mph.,

I stopped, and thought what could have been,

If they had stopped their car for some reason,

Maybe we could have been friends,

Maybe, we could have been more than that,

I thought to myself blushing,

It’s best not to think about it,

I thought,

I shrugged,

And continued walking through the night.

Hour 11: The Ocean

“In an so huge,

We lie so tiny.



The ocean churns,

Like a fruit in a smoothie,

With storms so violent,

Waves rise and crash,

Back into the ocean,

Yielding no mercy,

To the unlucky.


The ocean is merely,

A big pot of soup,

With landmasses as its croutons,

And life as its garnish,

But one day,

The big pot of soup,

Will be devoured,

And will be yielded no mercy,

As it once,

Yielded m

Hour 10: The Crows and Rooks

“Crows and rooks are rather clever birds,

Forever discriminated, as stupid and gratuitous,

Because of their colour,

Yet, I fail to see how their colour,

Defines their worth,

For they are incredible specimens,

And are far from being redundant.

Hour 8: Books

“There is nothing better in this world,

Than a good book,

For one good book,

Can keep readers hooked on for hours,

Like fish,

Caught in a fisherman’s net,

Only, here the fish are the readers,

And the net, the the enthralling book.


A good book,

Is one of knowledge, and conflict,

The perfect blend of the 2 results,

In an enthralling book.

Hour 7: Christmas

“Christmas is the one day, all is merry,

The whole family, gathers together,

Opening gifts,

Sharing stories,

On Christmas all is merry and well.


No bad thoughts,

No bad moments,

No bad feelings,

No anger,

No disputes,

None of this is, allowed on Christmas.


The joy of giving, during Christmas,

Is unlike any other joy in the world,

For that is why, Christmas is also called, the day of giving.


Enjoy Christmas,

The one day all is merry and well,

The one day all is merry and well.

Hour 6: Fluffy clouds

“Fluffy clouds,

In the sky,

How many forms do you take?

Oh, fluffy clouds,

Every year you cry,

Bringing us rain and water,

Filling our rivers and lakes to the brim.


Oh, fluffy clouds,

Please don’t be angry with us,

Your anger brings us floods and devastation,

You break our dams and make our rivers overflow.


Oh, fluffy clouds,

Please don’t ignore us,

Your ignorance brings us droughts, and so much more,

You take all our water and kill our plants.


Oh, fluffy clouds,

Always be fluffy

Hour 4: The Mona Lisa

“A beautiful lady wearing black drapes,

As though she’d just visited a funeral;

In front of a natural background,

She sits majestically,

Like a lion its den;

Her face so radiant,

She attracts moths

The perfect example of elegance and class,

In a very mysterious fashion.”



Hour 3: Mouse gym

“A mouse woke up bit-by-bit,

And decided to become fit.

It filled its water bottle to the brim,

And headed off to its local gym.

There it got chased and beaten by an old lady with a stick.”