When Souls Collide

awakened from a deep slumber, my mind still drifting
caught myself in what could be a distant revelry
spinning around in a vast ocean of swirling neon hues
feeling as though I was being sucked up
to a strange world living inside these pastel dreams.

I let the gentle current take control of me
brought me to a place far from reality
and when time stopped, asked myself
“Can this be the real me?”

A heavenly sanctuary I was led,
blinding colors with sharp glares greeted me
a calming presence took hold of me as I walked in
as I slowly came to recognize the souls floating up the air.

They were clothed in immaculate white gowns
with shining faces, no trace of sadness from within
in this place you remain young at heart
knowing no adversities just plain old simple happiness!

Suddenly the space surrounding me darkened
and with a flash of beaming light,
found myself collide with the other souls
seems that I was taken back to the different phases of my existence.

Author/Poet Elizabeth E. Castillo

The Bohemian

a wandering soul
lost in a world of his own
a vagabond perhaps,
a kindred spirit
moving free from a world of chaos,
he dares to be different
from a sea of fools trying to fit in.

an era of madness
illusions of a perfect refuge
to a mystic like him,
ridiculed from within
the phantom outcast they label the pitiful man,
for refusing to follow the ordinary crowd
who continually mocks him.

to live like a hermit
far from the privy eyes
of men in vain,
he created a sanctuary
only he can understand,
living in unconventional ways set him apart
from the shallow-brained maddening flock.

his masterpieces can change this ill world at a glance
if only his voice is to be given a chance
no one knows his heart is full of love for mankind,
and yet almost all those he met are deaf and blind
selfish ones only thinking of what they can get,
instead of giving a piece of them
and truly experience life.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Love is a Slow Dance

Love is like a slow dance, a slow dance for two,
Sweet romance lingers in the air
A promise of true love nothing else can compare.

When you look at me intently with your loving brown eyes,
I get lost in my own world as if everything turned magical
You who captivated my heart and left me mesmerized!

Come and take my hand as we will slowly dance,
Fly in space, drowning in the warmth of your embrace
In this sacred haven even angels above get amazed!

Author/Poet Elizabeth E. Castillo

Chasing Shadows

Searching for you everywhere but cannot find you
Another day comes to an end but still how can I get through
You left without a trace, no footprints, no mark,
And an empty heart only you can fill, only your light can spark.

Chasing shadows in the dark, hollow evening
‘Til when will I give in, my will is not yet surrendering
The moon still shines bright, illuminating, lovely light,
Keeps me company in the midst of this lonesome night.

Your shadow I will see I know one fair day
One glimpse of your face and all my cares will be washed away
Tell me please you will still hold on to a love that’s here to stay,
For destiny has brought us together and forever is what we will always say.

Author/Poet Elizabeth E. Castillo

Change in Circles

Change should start within you
It is a never ending affair
Reasons beyond what we can comprehend
Come to minds of geniuses and fools alike
Let’s think out of the box, go out of
our comfort zone
Effectuate change in one’s self
Spread inspiration, empower each

Circles don’t have an end
they simply go ’round and ’round
like the world we live in
spinning on its axis
change is inevitable
the only thing that
is constant.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Visual Poetry

The Artist by the Shore

In the still of the night
All I hear is the slight drizzle by the window
Tiny droplets of rain making sounds as they fall on the ground.

On this cool July evening
Alone in my room
Still can’t bring myself to slumber,
My mind starts to wander
How I long to be in a far away island.

Far away from this hustle and hurried life
Let time stop for a while as I dream on,
Walk bare footed on the white sand and watch the tiny waves playing like kids
As the cold wind sweeps and caresses my warm cheeks.

I dream of sitting by the seashore
Where I can sketch the setting sun in all its glory and beauty
Colorful hues of orange, yellow, red in my palette,
Gentle strokes of the paintbrush as I get hypnotized by its aura
Distant mountains at the far horizon caught my eye
Wondering how could I cross to the other side and be in another world.

I’m gonna play my music, too
By the shore where the sound of the tides goes in rhythm with my heart
Appreciate the beautiful and astounding nature
Created by God, His gift to mankind,
By the shore is all I wanna be
Spending time as I wait
For the sun to finally set in and bid it goodbye as I close my eyes and sleep.

Author/Poet Elizabeth E. Castillo

Sunset and Poetry

There is something about the sunset that makes us weave dreams
As the day bids adieu to welcome a calm evening anew
Staring at its magnanimous display of stunning hues,
Takes you to a dreamland, a nameless place, another undiscovered world
Perhaps a new frontier beyond your wildest imagination.

I can paint a marvelous landscape through my dancing words
While looking at such splendor, the Master Artist’s touch
Rhyming words, screaming to come out of my head,
Why do a lot of hearts have this certain fondness of you dear sunset?
Could be that you are God’s manifestation of His poetic art.

Those cottony clouds of different formations make you look lovelier
Wordsmiths like me create our masterpieces out of just admiring you from a far
The gentle breeze brushing my warm cheeks blush at the mere sight of you,
Such grandeur cannot be replaced by anything as beautiful as this scene unfolding right in front of my naked eyes.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

My Lost Star

My Miracle is yet to meet my yearning soul
Still scanning this Universe with some light years ahead of us
He and I are like lost stars in this ocean of constellations
The crescent moon is at bay with its beaming glory
Unknown ’til now that we might be each other’s destiny.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


You were just a speck of stardust in my sky
floating, lingering, a faded memory I can’t deny,
the swirling galaxy in my head, my star from another universe.
It’s been hundreds of light years since JOY dawned on me
Didn’t notice you before as I’m too pre-occupied being captivated by CENTAURUS,
You were just there, one of the LIGHTS in my own constellation but I was too blind to see.

One day my life had a complete turn around
By just staring at your serene face takes me to the Heavens,
Like a LIGHT illuminating my path spreading good CHEER
Removing me from a dark hole of OBLIVION.
You’re like a NEBULA which left my heart amazed
And here I am standing right before my FUTURE,
ANDROMEDA is waiting for her ORION’s heart to awaken
For them to share eternity in a lost world that is yet to be discovered.

Your star and my star sometimes COLLIDE,
But your beam keeps on striking me even from a far
The fierce look in your eyes tells me something you can’t simply hide
Yes, you are drawn to my radiant ANGELIC glow…
DESTINY and space will let our SOULS meet time and again
In a thousand reincarnations I have seen your many faces…
There’s always something familiar about YOU anywhere we meet.

My DREAMs would take me sometimes to a far away planet in the MILKY WAY
METEORS and COMETS accompany me to the path leading again to you…
You’re a BEAUTIFUL mess of neon hues circling my mind like the rings of SATURN
The son of VENUS …
Yes, it’s always been YOU in a trillion lifetimes, I have been following YOU
My constellations will help me to tell YOU how PRECIOUS you are, my ORION.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Cosmogonic Love

If your star and my star accidentally aligned in their intertwining paths,
It’s not their fault that you and I suddenly collide
Collide in these cosmic hues of forbidden territory,
A million of eons away, we were two kindred souls who were destined to meet
In a world of oblivion where imperfection is dreaded,
Though we must love one another’s imperfections to recognize it is really True Love…
Beyond time and space, beyond universes, beyond the limit of light years
You and I were destined to cross each other’s galaxies
A billions constellations will guide you on your way to me
For the King and Queen of this Cosmogonic Love to finally meet.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, Copyright February 2015