When Souls Collide

awakened from a deep slumber, my mind still drifting
caught myself in what could be a distant revelry
spinning around in a vast ocean of swirling neon hues
feeling as though I was being sucked up
to a strange world living inside these pastel dreams.

I let the gentle current take control of me
brought me to a place far from reality
and when time stopped, asked myself
“Can this be the real me?”

A heavenly sanctuary I was led,
blinding colors with sharp glares greeted me
a calming presence took hold of me as I walked in
as I slowly came to recognize the souls floating up the air.

They were clothed in immaculate white gowns
with shining faces, no trace of sadness from within
in this place you remain young at heart
knowing no adversities just plain old simple happiness!

Suddenly the space surrounding me darkened
and with a flash of beaming light,
found myself collide with the other souls
seems that I was taken back to the different phases of my existence.

Author/Poet Elizabeth E. Castillo

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