Collection of Sorrow

When it rains it pours

Whether that’s a good thing or not

It’s raining in this house

And I’m collecting the drops in a bucket

An unhealthy habit no doubt

But this helps me keep track

Of the collection of sorrows

That are gathering around me

I’m collecting rain in a bucket

To keep it from coming up around my ears

And drowning me

I’ll take the bucket outside

And water the flowers

Then repeat the process

Until this rain ends


I keep making wishes

Throwing coins into the fountains I pass

But my coins are made of paper

Quick to dissolve

Like my hopes for anything

To come my way

Yet I still do this

My trail can followed by the bits of crumpled paper

That fall from my pockets

I keep thinking

That by some magic of transubstantiation

My coins will become metal when they hit the water

Finally becoming permanent and suitable payment

To any of the fates who might be listening

To a guardian angel who has a soft spot for hard cases like me

To any devil who is short on deals for the month

Just anyone

Who can grant this wish

12 Noon Siren

Pyramid head is coming?

Air raid?


Oh… wait

I remember now

12 noon siren in Columbus

Ah, Columbus


I’m trying not to be mad

I’m trying not to cry

I’m trying to keep my thoughts sorted out

I’m trying to think ahead

I’m trying not to let this kill me

I’m trying not to stare at your ghost in the corner of the house I’m staying in

Morning Coffee

Coffee made

Creamer poured

Feet up

Conversations had

Shows watched





I don’t think I’ve seen you in seven years

But this morning coffee

Is perfect

1. The Big Chill

I feel like I’m in a movie

Stuck in our own weird version of The Big Chill

We’ve gathered

Because a friend is gone

Gone far too soon

And by his own hand

We gather

Because that’s what you do

Words were spoken last night that warmed my heart

And brought tears to my eyes

We are family

We will always be family

No matter where we go or how bad things get

In the end

We always come back to each other

We always come back to family

So… we’re here

We have gathered to bury our dead

We have come to mourn

We have come to drink and get drunk

We have come to laugh

We have come to cry

And we have come to heal each other

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