# 12 poetry marathon: Moving


nothing ever stays the same.
changes happen.
you get up maneuvering your body and stretching.You travel from a house to house, city to city, state by state, or countries. constantly seeing and feeling changes.
like a chameleon instead changing color;
one modifies their location.
Even the evergreens, cedars, maples with the grasses always stirring with the north wind.

As a race, we are always moving….never settling like stars in the constellation.
racing, engaging, changing.

# 11 poetry marathon: Dog Diary


Daybreak walk
sniffing and seeking spot for feculenceLunch
inside inattentive and waiting
Time for catch
running, playing
could be outside all day!
He/She must stop and so must I.
I curl up on top of a pillow and fall asleep.
Sweet four legged dreams!

#10 autobiography of the face poetry marathon


Turn the card face up.
a deck of cards have three faces: jacks, queens, and kings.
Turn toward someone or something.

A way of showing your inner outer self.
The backside, the spine, causes no reaction
unless in silhouette.
Our faces provide conversation through the differences

like: every Jack, queen, and king rummages from clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts.

Sometimes there is a one eyed jack.

Embrace differences face on.
Allow the faces turned outward to let out their story.
every one has a backbone that helps guide the story but it remains just a foundation for these faces of ours to come alive.

#9 poetry marathon : Summer time

organizing, relaxing, cleaning,
mediating between two sides


circles, life cycles that keep the trees and plants
balancing through photosynthesis.
Birds come and go
listening to their calls as a sound effect
as we wake up
as we lay down.
By summer,plants blossom with delicious tasting fruits
that help rejuvenate us and other animals while coping
with the hot sun.

#7 poetry marathon : lunch


time to refresh, breathe through a homemade squeezed watermelonrich in red with white seeds,
be careful not to swallow any seeds.

May grow a watermelon tree inside. As the myth is told to children.

watermelon…a heavy fruit
yet like the 90% water we containthis fruit is practically water disguised in a heavy weighted ball.

A refreshing and an aromatic way to stay cool

this summer.

#6 poetry marathon: Autumn arch


the changing of leaves gives

entrances and exits a whole new meaning.

The air is crisp and light.

Here was an arch like many from the Castille region in Spain

marking our footprints in the ground on this beautiful day.

# 5 poetry marathon: Times’ a changin’

As the hustle and bustle rushed by,
several actors trying to reach their rehearsalgot lost.

“what happened to that seedy restaurant?”
This square as remembered was a bit more dark, dirty with specific cast of characters of its own.

Not this multicolored, flashy, overcrowded shopping mall square.

The square used to hold an essence of character:
when you would walk to the train. hail a cab, or see a show.

It was a place to encounter but never dwell upon a resting post.

Even the musicals seem vaguely familiar….yet the story is buried upon all the colorful costumes, sets, and overly dramatic acting.

This place….has lost its gritty character full of obscure smells and sounds.

As Marlon Brando, Vivian Leigh, and Frank Sinatra reentered their hotel suites and contemplate their day in a city and industry that seems far away from the times of their stardom.

#4 poetry marathon: Ropotics

command this
control this
option (alt) that
everything happens …beep, beep, beep, blip, blip, blop.

clickety click per minute.
click. beep. blip.click, click, click, blop.
click, click, click, beep, beep.
sound system of our lives.

Time. Fast.
not enough time.

causes our bodies to break down
cortisol to increase (beep. beep. beep. beep!!!!)Melatonin to decrease (ahhhh!)

Whatever happened to thyme.




#3 poetry marathon : Two fishing poems.

One, Two, Three,…. fishes

read the nursery rhyme.

Early risers heading out; in a school.

These risers may find a snack

yet…The snack was just a quick gasp to their death.

A lucky fishermen yells, “what a catch!”

You aren’t lucky yet….it might snatch

an escape route back to its school.

Fish are smart, don’t be a fool.


a day at the lake

with a pole and bait, can’t wait

to catch a fresh fool.