prompt # 3 A Doll’s Perspective

In the case of Boy meets Girl:

Boy proposes to Girl.

Except after the honeymoon phase,

comes conflict of interest, anger, frustration, jealousy

no room for the picture perfect fantasy

Disney or Brothers’ Grimm made.


“I must make up my mind which is right – society or I”

In one case, a man always sees his wife

as this intense fantasy of a doll to play with and always

dopamine filled.

His wife being the picture perfect doll, is obeying

and having fun with her husband. Until one day, the doll

speaks to other dolls, and soon the cracks open up

is their marriage of love. what does that mean?


I must make up my mind which is right – society or I”


This marriage at first glance seems glistening with perfection

of the perfect love filled marriage with children included.

In the end, the husbands seeks fulfilling his fantasy of the perfect doll.

two people who love only themselves, power and control.

Is marriage about living a lie through fantasy, power and control?

Or is it about knowing the person, caring for each other in equality?


I must make up my mind which is right – society or I”


prompt # 2: recipe for racism or awareness of diversity

  1. awareness
  2. colorful props
  3. improv
  4. conversation
  5. active listening


First lay out all props

have each participant pick up three props

use these props as conversation starters/discussions.

practice active listening

next step each small group choose one person to be the storyteller with props.

ST speaks

All listen actively

listeners respond with frozen statues or character enactment, speak one word or line on the main theme of the story heard.

ST responds with yes this enactment met with the same emotions,

or no it did not.

IF no, Listeners use feedback to try again.


Side Note:

this exercise would promote listening skills, empathy, sympathy among strangers.




prompt # 1


procreating a human being

is a process that is magical.

In all mammals, there are only two necessities:

eat and sleep.

Watching Leanna


responding to stimuli

from the startle of ingredients grinding together —


To the lullaby

of endless cars honking

sirens rushing by.

to her own vocals

expressing her needs.






could be.

Diaper change?


The moment She looks out the window from a third floor walk up

all is at ease



to the world around her.

She is my own jackie O

Eleanor Roosevelt

she is my own light

guiding me

to continue to follow my dreams.

prompt # 1


in History

So many that gave themselves to change, to freedom in careers

to fly

to care for other humans

to amplify mother nature.

Shine the light


on lady liberty.

a gift from France

a symbol even now

we can idolize.

a woman representing liberation of slavery

abolish slavery.

2020 the world is together

in this fight against disease

in this century old power

we call racism.

as emma lazarus words resonate toward immigrants

Lady Liberty was brought to the NY Harbor

before Ellis island opened.

Lady Liberty

holds the shackles of slavery

originally she was bound with chains

Her history is lost among other immigrants to the new America.

Another important title for a woman:

First Lady

One first lady to hold it

Eleanor Roosevelt

First lady of the world

for her establishment in the value of human rights

civil rights.

“A woman is like a tea bag,

you can’t tell how strong she is,

until you put her in hot water.”

Takes a lot for a woman to break down.



suffer more than

their patriarchal counterparts.

Will Lady Liberty allow

in 2020

to “enlightening the world”?

The flame she lights

to see

to witness

to throw.

to pass on

generation to generation

century to century.







Good Morning from East Side of Manhattan NY. Looking forward to creating poems this year. I am a drama therapist in training and use theatre, improv, and poetry in my work with elders who suffer from memory impaired diseases.  This year may be a challenge, as I have a 4 month old daughter Leanna. Although as far as babies come, she is easy to handle.

# 12 poetry marathon: Moving


nothing ever stays the same.
changes happen.
you get up maneuvering your body and stretching.You travel from a house to house, city to city, state by state, or countries. constantly seeing and feeling changes.
like a chameleon instead changing color;
one modifies their location.
Even the evergreens, cedars, maples with the grasses always stirring with the north wind.

As a race, we are always moving….never settling like stars in the constellation.
racing, engaging, changing.

# 11 poetry marathon: Dog Diary


Daybreak walk
sniffing and seeking spot for feculenceLunch
inside inattentive and waiting
Time for catch
running, playing
could be outside all day!
He/She must stop and so must I.
I curl up on top of a pillow and fall asleep.
Sweet four legged dreams!

#10 autobiography of the face poetry marathon


Turn the card face up.
a deck of cards have three faces: jacks, queens, and kings.
Turn toward someone or something.

A way of showing your inner outer self.
The backside, the spine, causes no reaction
unless in silhouette.
Our faces provide conversation through the differences

like: every Jack, queen, and king rummages from clubs, spades, diamonds, and hearts.

Sometimes there is a one eyed jack.

Embrace differences face on.
Allow the faces turned outward to let out their story.
every one has a backbone that helps guide the story but it remains just a foundation for these faces of ours to come alive.

#9 poetry marathon : Summer time

organizing, relaxing, cleaning,
mediating between two sides


circles, life cycles that keep the trees and plants
balancing through photosynthesis.
Birds come and go
listening to their calls as a sound effect
as we wake up
as we lay down.
By summer,plants blossom with delicious tasting fruits
that help rejuvenate us and other animals while coping
with the hot sun.