The two towers signify monopoly.

The capitalistic system signifies war.

Skyscrapers, vessels, ignore the value of transcendence.

The emancipated bound to competitive democracy as media/fashion/information take stock of Man/God/Progress.

An unprincipled monstrosity enlightening the moralistic position shifting to exploit us. A capital system taking/shoving/pulling to impose rules..

Power, too!

We are seeking the restoration of real as it escapes us.

We are fleeing charm and meaning.

We are confusing the counterfeit with the real…

And so… Artifice is at the core of reality. Abstract and non-figurative. Art itself is dead because

(but not limited to)

an impregnated aesthetic. Inseparable from its own confused structure mistook for its own image.

Reality will no longer take the time to take on the appearances of reality.

It will only capture the dream even before it takes the form of a dream.

Schizophrenic vertigo, in repetition, repress nothing.

Metonymy has absorbed the universe, cooling its digitality, winning us over with simulation as reality wins over pleasure.


and i shout:

Choose to be clear and always visible. Working within a democracy that does not work. Forcefully creating the creative who smashes the ballot-box. Abandoning commitment in favor of life. Choose this one. Abandon that one. Revolution marks the end of this study. Submitting the masses to a mass grave. Bring forth a martyr. A different kind of hero. Quietly. Ssshhh. Reading the inscription of a proper life. Erecting monuments after the brutal beaten murder of authoritarian dictators. Nazi’s unlock Auschwitz. Troops dispatched to the mass Jewish graves. Make an anarchist in adolescent years. Romanticize commitment. Structure your reaction in all forms of rejection. Absorb my spirit into myself. From the depths of steadiness I emerge to suggest an intellectual history. Or rather, HIS-story. A method of madness to be recognized. Prewar war. Post war. War, war, war! And, in this way, we record the trials to be the roots of humanity…


This necessary orientation towards reality.

Or rather, the representation of truth.

He cannot explain what he has seen.

Mental abstractions, thoughts, wants, impressions-

a process of ideas confessing our ignorance

Advantageous to whom?

A necessary validation directed at the dunce limitations of philosophy…


Our subservient language provides reason, provides validity in the process of…

presenting the beautiful and the powerful intentions dedicating their realization

They make an intuitive impression where sincerity meets deeply to follow a transition of political understanding.

The clan of the uncivilized encompassing a deep human revolution where we will structure a society in which we can belong.


The system of grotesque history-




Free the society.

Free the society!

Free the society?

Buy the military, buy the splendor, buy the manhood.

Transaction of,

without buying,

your own death plan.

Because income forces the message.

Forces the truth…

When I flash flesh, when I love you, when I recognize you, when I kill their beauty, when I deliberately justify the breeding violence of humans existence…

A frustrated malnutrtion altering our brains brags on. (during official visits) Banishing crimes against self determination. Groveling at the gates of the virginal palace fully understanding these French songs we sing.

C’est la societe-