Poem 3

Full “super” moon

illuminated my walk to the beach

Mid-August night

Is a gentle reminder

of summer’s end.

People on porches,

shadowed by candles,

talk, banter, guffaw,

whisper, share libations

and points of view…

“Israel and Palestine…”

“When I was in Ireland..”

“Remember the time…”

“She told me…”

“Don’t forget to bring…”

“See you in the morning..”

Snippets of conversation

Of which I am no part

And yet,

As I make my way

to the moonlit water

I understand

that I am part of

those conversations

for they are ageless.

Summer night gatherings

to be stored

in the treasury

of my heart

as timeless

as my beloved ocean.


Eve Remillard


Poem 2

Young teen boy

stands on Commonwealth Ave

isolated from the bustle around him,

headphones delivering his own cacophony,

chewing gum,

seemingly in another place.

His tee-shirt reads,

“Kennedy 1917-1963.”

Before he was a gleam

In his father’s eye

And just a star

In the night sky.


Eve Remillard


Poem 1

I stand at the shore

Waving my hand

To those who

Have embarked on

The journey

I am not invited

Like quicksilver,

Their smiles, faces,

Voices, hands, mannerisms

Disappear into the fog,

Toward sunrise, sunset,

Rise up to the stars

Of the navy night sky.

My bruised and battered heart


All of you whom I have loved

Have left me to repair myself,

To mend the tears in the squares

Of the quilt of my life.

Feeling abandoned,

I turn from the shore

And move forward


Eve Remillard


Writer’s Block

Twenty-four poems

in twenty four hours.

I always have so many


Where will they all come from?

How will I be so inspired?

Will my muse slumber?

Will my pen be mute?

My observations

of life around me

Are on high alert

as my heart prepares

to put forth words

it has not yet spoken.


Hello from Massachusetts

Hello, I’m Eve. I’m a word nerd from Massachusetts. I teach 5th grade and this past year had the greatest of pleasures introducing poetry to my students. We read it, we wrote it, we shared it, we discovered it, and they finally, much to my great joy, both girls and boys alike, fell in love with ┬áthe magic of beautiful words! They are always looking for words that inspire them, just like their teacher!

The weekend of the marathon is also the last weekend before school lets out for the summer, so I will be closing out grades and working on things that will need to be done by  next Monday morning in addition to working my second job. But I I could not resist the idea of writing 24 poems!

I look forward to meeting all of you and reading the words that make each of you unique!

Good luck!

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