Adrift in Clear Waters (2019 Poem 4)

Adrift in clear blue waters, searching for a sandy shore
Not knowing why, still we know there is more

Boats of fibreglass, wood, even steel
A journey where each stage must surely heal

At times we may need to hold on to a lifeline
While we are towed from shadow into sunshine

Souls on their own journey travel here
None of us have need to fear

With every truth that you will find
Allow freedom to open up your mind

We shall come to love what we must learn
As soul stars watch, awaiting our return

Cottonwood Summer (2019 Poem 3)

Cottonwood summer
Blurred pages flutter
Love fears
Chances not taken

Holds you back
Make life worth living

Make bigger choices
Stand taller
In your power
Rise be unstoppable

Lone Fairy (2019 Poem 2)

Frightened fairy in an ancient oak tree
Sprinkling plastic glitter, don’t you mock me

No longer prey to your insidious gloom
Hereby shall I enforce your doom

Determined at this late hour
At last I have found my true power

No longer will you swagger and strut
For I am fearless as any lone nut

Who stands tall far from your scorn
I am both lone fairy and acorn

I Am (2019 Poem 1)

Do you know who I am
Years before I thought I knew
Somehow my soul was lost to me

Here I am, misplaced in time
Walking on a distant shore

Although I don’t know where I am
I am myself in finding you
Finally I am free

While our journeys shall entwine
I see now that I am more

New 2019 marathoner

I work in an office all day, making maps, but I love words. I’ve been writing haiku the last year and decided to try the marathon as a way to challenge myself to write more poems and in other formats. I think the 24 hour aspect will make it more interesting, since lack of sleep tends to make me a little loopy, and perhaps more creative as a result. I’m so looking forward to this!