Barranca (2019 Poem 13)


Meandering through eucalyptus trees
Underneath a waning moon
Scent of wet earth rising up
I fear the dawn may come too soon

River waters full wth rainfall
Fan out your lovely auburn hair
We float here, naming constellations
Breathing in warm scented air

Stars shine in your gentle eyes
Our fingers now entwine
Skin tingling when we touch
Your old soul merging with mine

The Night We Listened (2019 Poem 12)

The night we listened
To the oars rowing
Horn so near
It seemed
We could see our hearts
We heard the ocean
Full of warmth
We were perishing
Yet unheeding
In too great a hurry
I have since wondered
If we listen what
Might come to us
Out of the deep

Erasure of “Out of the Fog” by C.K. Ober

Dao (2019 Poem 9)

Meditation in taupe
Sand dunes undulate unto eternity
Under skies cerulean blue

Anxious thoughts fly countless loops
Touch and go on fertile earth
TIL fuel runs low

Breathe in peace
Watch them go
No more to be done

Letter From the Future (2019 Poem 11)

Dear Fiona at age twenty-one
Do not worry about what’s to be done
You are powerful now, you always will be
As long as you start loving me

Listen carefully to the truth in your heart
The decades to come will be the hard part
Although for now you believe their lies
One day you will learn how to rise

Your old soul has plans for you
When the moment arrives you will know what to do
Seek the messages that you send
From future you and your best friend

Perched On A Moonbeam (2019 Poem 10)

(Write a poem that contains at least five of the following words and possibly all ten.
Moonbeam Coffee Hush Fog Canteen Damn Concrete Fir Shelf Dock)

Perched on a moonmbean, sipping cold brewed coffee
In the hush of a London Fog, I lost you

Your canteen overflowing with damn sap instead of red wine
No concrete plans to use the fir liquor for anything useful

Meditating on the shelf life of dock spiders
When will this madness end?

Sevenling (2019 Poem 8)

Dig deep to where you feel
Pull out the words you find there
Comfort them as they bleed

Find freedom in truth
Peace in release
Love in your heart

Write to heal your soul

Locked Out (2019 Poem 6)

Is this the eighth or ninth time, who can say
That I have locked my keys inside my house
My thoughts oft go astray
Since the departure of my spouse

He left without a word one night
It was winter time, the roads were icy
The neighbours think I’m not quite right
Do you think that stew’s too spicy?

He had a girlfriend, can you just imagine
Well, never mind, I’m better off
She was a singer, just a has been
Oh my, that is a nasty cough

No, officer, I don’t know where he went
After all this time I don’t much care
This late spring thaw seems heaven sent
Don’t mind the stain upon the stair

Time To Sleep Again (2019 Poem 5)

Sunny days without end
Feeling lost without a friend
Empty house waiting for life and family

Books to entertain every mind
Large glasses full of red wine
Duelling couches ready for napping

Dogs curled up for the afternoon
Hoping that I will meet you soon
Crackling fires on cool nights

Wondering at this fantasy
I ask for you to wait for me
Time to sleep again