My profession

My profession, which one? the official one?
or on the side ones?

I worked as professor of electrical engineering
for 38 years. I just read some books, memorized
them and told what I had memorized to students
in my class.

Tough job? mathematics, science, construction
of electrical circuits, sending signals far away at
the speed of 300,000 km per second.

Ya, that was the public image. I lectured four
hours per week, played games behind closed
doors, and took a nap in the afternoons

Told everybody we were overworked and well

Really? I had one month vacation around the
Christmas, more than three months of vacation
during summers, could have stayed at home
when I did not have to give a lecture at the
school, which was just four hours per week.

I also worked for General Electric as consultant
for Aircraft Engine Vibration Analyst. That more
than doubled my salary.

At home I worked on stock trading, made
a $4,000 fund into $1,400,000 in about
15 years, that quadrupled my salary.

Nex time a professor says he is underpaid,
send him this poem and on the enevelop
write: Are you kidding me?.




I am in a closet, hidding from everybody
I am heartbroken

I do not want to see people anymore, I am
tired of dischonesties, of being ignored when
I most needed love

I feel warm in a closet where it is totally dark,
I feel safe in a closet cause nobody can hurt
me there.

The search is over, I have chosen darkness
over the light. I will be going down the ladder
to abyss

Taking a risk

I am where “Frost” was with only one pathway.
And I had to choose

I saw a beautiful green pathway, with shrubs
covering both sides.

Light is filling the front of the pathway, and
makes the whole scene to look like part of

The back of the pathway is totally dark, and
makes the scene frightening’ like an abyss

I sat there for a long time thinking to move
forward or return to where I felt safe.

Finally I decided to move forward to explore

That has been the story of my life.


What is love?

Love is wanting to be with someone
Love is missing someone when they
are not with you

Love is wanting to hug someone
Love is wanting to touch someone

Love is wanting to make someone happy
Love is wanting to take care of someone

Love is wanting to live with someone
Love is wanting to make a commiment
to someone for many years to come

Love is wanting fmake or someone happy
Love is wanting to share all that is in your

Love is wanting a journey together, be
a companion, be holding hands together
in happiness and sadness,



I like to dance with butterflies

I want to hug butterflies, look at
all the color of their wings, so magical

Those colors are the most beautiful
under the sunshine with the blue sky
in the background.


Being alone

At times,  I want to be alone, in a desert
full of sands and void of noise.

I want to hear my heart beat, the flow
of blood through my veins.

At times,  I want to be alone.

To feel my breathing, my soft skins,
to smell the nothingness,

To realize what love means when
nobody is around,

to realize the pleasure of knowing
that nobody can hurt me.

At times,  I want to be alone.


Dedicated to Emily

Where are you my little mermaid? I miss you so

I have had so much desire to see you more often,
to hug you, to touch your soft skin, to see your
beautiful smile.

I have seen your videos playing with your sister,
Maddie, and the joy of those moments.

Your laughter is like a blooming rose, it brigthens
my day like an early morning sunshine.

I miss you so much, my little mermaid.

I have asked your mom so many times to come
to visit you, her asnwer has always been:
“I am ver busy.”

I am tired of hearing the word “busy.”
Suddenly, everybody is busy. What a pity.

I am thinking of going to Colombia to live in
a farm, to be close to animals who will aways
have time for me.

I miss you so much, my little mermaid. I am
sorry that I will not be asking to visit you,







Walking in the mountains around Florence,
So much beauty, hills and valleys, sunshine

A castle in the horizon, surrounded by olive
trees, sunflowers. all around

Singing of the birds, blue of the sky, an
unpaved road to the castle of my dream.

Two weeks of dancing tango with Brigitta,
on the top of a hill, fresh coffee in the mornings,
Tango classes in the afternoon, milongas
at night.

I cannot be closer to Heaven. I can reach
God from the top of these mountains.

Life is beautiful.





In a land far away, far away, there were suddently
hostility toward the young women who wanted to
study at the high schools.

Suddeny, out of no where, the schools were target of
chemical attacks. Results: headache, vomiting, and
fainting of innocent young women

That happened to many of the girls at high schools,
no body could figure out, what caused this hatred
toward the young women in those towns.

with many cameras monitoring every cross road and
every action of the citizens, police could not find the
people who harmed the young women

days passed, weeks passed, months passed, nobody
could figure out this puzzle.

The goverment claimed, nobody seemed to be around
the schools where, these events happended, and the
the cameras did not show anything out of order.

Years passed and all these actions continued against
young women. And todate nobody has figured out
what happended.

The only clue is that somebody did not want the young
girls to study at the high schools.