When the sun rays touched me (Hour 14)

Sitting beside a window,
sipping my cup of tea,
wondering to myself,
how life could have been.

If words were left unsaid,
worries left our nest,
if we never just met,
how life could have been.

Looking at the stars,
while the moon stared at me,
what matters the most?
and then it hits me.

Then it dawned on me,
as the rays touched me,
woke me up again,
telling me its not too late,
just write your own fate.

Life still could be
How you want it to be!

A Suitcase heart (Hour 13)

The sun rises,
so do I,
its time to leave it all,
mundane days,
my old house,
I am on my way.

Let me pack some lunch,
along some hope,
oh, and my heart too.

Sunrise (Hour 12)

Light overcame darkness,
the whole sky turned blue,
birds started chirping,
flowers got ready to bloom,
A new day started,
hope giving us another chance.

Time to start (Hour 11)

The stars are far,
up above the sky,
feel like we aren’t apart,
I don’t want it to start,
it lurks around,
it stirs inside,
a desire,
a wish,
I must remain strict,
my actions,
my words,
some unsaid,
most unheard.

Jumble Words (Hour 10)

Eyes say nothing,
and heart beats faster.
He crosses the room,
and a smile crosses my face,
yet my lips remain pursed.

Should I talk?
Make the first move?
Is it worth?
All or nothing?
What if?
But if?
Possibilities saying impossible things.

He mumbles something,
and I jumble my words,
but hopeless heart remains humble.

Close to nature (Hour 9)

Mother earth welcomes us,
in her lap, we all sat.
Listened her stories,
filled with joy and glories.
Now she cries,
as everyone lies,
we stopped our care,
not doing our share,
of protecting her soul,
which makes us whole.

The writer writes away! (Hour 8)

The stories they hear,
of people coming near.

Those mountains and seas,
where all find peace.

Dusk and dawns,
when a little baby yawn.

The rains and snow,
twilight may know,
how deep one loves,
like a pair of doves.

When sun shines so bright,
how moon smiles at night.

How two lovers greet,
while their souls meet.

The writer writes it all,
but something remains beneath,
only true love will see,
the way one heals.

Spotlight (Hour 7)

Fixing my eyes on the price,
I take a deep breath.

Fighting my fears,
leaving the tears,
Making it clear,
I step in the spotlight.

Let them see,
My insecurities,
the way I bleed,
still don’t reveal,
my sorrows,
my pain,
things I retain,
I am here to gain,
efforts won’t go in vain.

Passing through it all,
I will keep standing tall.

My work is to wait,
I am yet to create,
boundaries will break,
Its never too late.

Traffic Signals (Hour 6)

Red, yellow and green,
first stop, then wait and finally go.

whatever the situation,
you will reach your destination.
Three thoughts to live by,
slow a little,
observe the space,
you will find your place.

There is nothing at stake,
no need to fake.
Make a prayer,
surrender it all
and you will evolve.

Thriving together (Hour 5)

Holding hands,
together we stand,
no judgement,
no hate,
we won’t let suffocate,
Society might dictate,
we won’t let it take,
our freedom away,
we dance our way,
we ride on the wave,
compassion we say,
yes to passion we say,
there is no time for hate,
only love will prevail.