Sometimes in life
When you are sure about a decision
When you think you know best
You make mistakes
You choose wrong
You become blind
Not every time your heart is right
Sometimes the choices you make
Are wrong
And life wrecking
Be careful of those Choices!


Bouquets are beautiful
A symbol of co-existence
Of what unity looks like
Every kind of flower
Bundled in harmony
Filled with wishes
Reminding you
That we are meant to exist the same way


When you see more
Experience less

When you scroll more
Read less

When you talk more
understand less

When your real friends decrease
Virtual accounts increase

When you eat more
Taste less

Then you are on a journey away from nature
You are doing something wrong
Because then you are living less…


Sorry for the pain
Accept my apology
Emotions blinded me
Didn’t see the destruction
Didn’t see your tears
or heard your voice
Ignored the signs

There is still time
I will make it up to you
This won’t happen again
I am sorry for treating you like garbage
My body
We will become BFFs now…

The Longing

She stood on the street
With a bag full of memories
Here eyes were wet
And brain was dead
She didn’t thought this would happen
Her calculations were perfect
She had figured it all out
But guess no one knows Whats ahead

Her bag was heavy
She was ready
This time she will let the heart lead
Her brain was tired now

The stashed paint brushes
Longed for her to come home…


Don’t know where it all goes
My heart aches for a long haul
For that bus to the mountains
For that sand under my toes
I want to collect shells again
Just want to walk on the shore

It has become monotonous now
Doing the same things again and again
I am a free bird
I like to dance in the rain
I want to float with fish
Experience the nature again
I was born to live on my own terms
Not for someone to be tamed…


Roads not only take you to destination
They become your companion too
They give you new people
Show you new places
Becomes your confusion
Gives you solution too

The roads not taken
Are best friends
They give you rare gems
A path not only leading to somewhere
but leading to yourself too

Choose the roads


The night was dark
Moon lightening it up
There were no houses on the road
Close to midnight
I walked alone
Adventurous soul inside me
Pulled me outdoors
While looking at the moonlit surroundings
A light flickered from afar
I didn’t want to go
Still kept walking
Smoke was coming out of the chimney
Smell of fresh bread engulfed me

A knock on the door
And I was let in
The adventure ended up
Finding new friends
And making delicious bread…

The circle of life

They gathered around the circle of life
Holding hands
Smiling at each other
Wishing each other well
Making promises to remain in touch
Sharing Jokes
Sharing Joy
Sharing Laughter

They didn’t know what was ahead
Only one thing
They will always remember this life
And then they scattered
But the hearts of school friends
Beats together till date…

Mother Nature

Mother nature welcomed us
With perfect habitat
Fruits to eat
Water to drink
Natural caves to live in
Weathers to enjoy
Trees to help us sustain

We didn’t need more
But we thought we did
Now we destroyed all he gifts
To fulfill our greed
The mother is angry
She is coming to get us now…

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