The Last line

While reading something

i think of the last line

Its so important

More than the first one


The firsts make you move ahead

And the lasts stays with you

No matter how long it was

Many years may pas.


one always remembers

The lasts


The last kiss

A last hug

The last goodbye

His face,

When we met the last time.


The last line

keeps all of the things

It embraces

All the flaws

And still makes you remember

The sweet memories


The last line

is our true companion

Which remains with us

The whole life..

Drenched in poetry

A journey of 24 hours

Reaching its end


Muse is being thanked

For the companionship

Encouragements are turning into excitement


For some it was a first

For others an yearly ritual

People exchanged love

they smiled and laughed

New friends were met


Lots of poems were written

Places discovered

Worlds created

I just saw a unicorn

There goes a butterfly


A journey comes to an end

And I got drenched

When the world wrote poetry


No Boundaries

Imagine the world to be without boundaries

No borders

No countries

No armies

No battles

No visas



There would be just two things

Good and Bad

but nothing will be ideal

There will be protector

But no differentiation


Imagine if we all stop following

And start agreeing

everyone free to say anything

Every opinion will be debatable

There will be a thinking

Thoughts , messages ,goals

But no cults,party,Politicians.


People will be free

To learn

to live

to earn

to create

to roam

to embrace

Imagine if we have no boundaries..

An Amateur Poet

An amateur Poet

Doesn’t write a poem

Only the heart is written

The pages are filled

Words are trashed

Pens are changed

Places explored .


An amateur Poet

Writes what she sees

She remembers her past

Brings back all the memories

And stores them

Between the lines of those pages.


An amateur Poet

Don’t know the styles

No prose, No haiku

She writes in a tune

Remain in her world.


An amateur Poet’s poem

is untouched

She doesn’t know

About the edits

About the drafts

She bares it all.


An amateur Poet

is innocent!


Endings Are Beautiful

The road ends

To a destination

If not

Then a decision

To begin again


The dream ends

To wake us up

To turn them true

Create something new


A life ends

Makes us realize

Everything will be left

So live in the while


The race ends

To declare a winner

To declare lessons

Motivation keeps us alive


Endings are beautiful

They are creators

Of memories

of destinations

of decisions

of Life!

Done Wandering

I am done with wandering!

Those mystical creatures have abandoned me

They have flown away.


I am done with Wandering

The night sky has become too dark

Those stars are packing their bags

its time to go home.


I am done with wandering

The wind has calmed down

My hair have refused to be messed up

They want to be straight and smooth.


I am done with wandering

Its been too lonely

The roads are long

No one is in sight

Its time to find a home.


I am done with wandering

My brain said

You need sleep at nights now

The dreams are just illusions.


I am done with your excuses

Says my heart

This is the right time

The roads are quiet

Creatures left you

Hair are still messy

Your mind and heart are fighting

The magic can happen anytime now!

Maroon Curtains

Its pure Maroon

Curtains are hung in every room

The house looks bright

Curtains seems right.


There length is long

Like the hours she spends at home

The color is dark

Like the nights she survived alone


They seem mysterious

Like the secrets about her life

They cover up spaces

Like she covers her aches.


The curtains are strong

Like her decisions are

She is proud of them

Like she is of her choices!

Find it

Read the newspaper

Open the door

Talk to people

hear the radio

Watch the T.V.


Black clouds





Broken Hearts

why so much hate?


What can we do?

How can we do?

Only one thing


While opening your heart

Be careful

Store only love


While giving something

Give Hope

Give love

Tell people

That only love

Can win over hatred


See the world

And find smiles

to store in your heart

To spread forward.

A Child

A child plays in the park,

Smiles at strangers

Laughs openly

You could see the cute dimples


Child is returning home now

Parents are friendly

Their kindness is in the child too


Looking at the child

made me think

How the kid

became a reflection of a family

How an image was sketched


Children are mirrors of our society

If you see a child alone

A child crying

A child begging

Ten think about your own steps

we as a society are going wrong


When you see a child

You see a mirror

It shows you

What you gave the world!

Hit Me Hard

Sitting in the chair

Waiting for you

To hit me hard,


Hard Enough

To make my mind swirl

To make my heart beat faster

To send me in a shock

To make me numb.


It should be hard enough

To send me somewhere else

Far Far away

Ina a different Place

Where no one knows my name

Where I could find peace

And when Ia find it

Hit me hard again


strong enough

To bring me back

This time to land on a page

I have a pen

Oh, my muse

Hit me hard

To write something

Which makes me amuse again!

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