The Little Family

The story went a little like this

and then they added that

This and That got married

and happened to give birth

to Then.

What a big boy he was.

This and That were proud parents

who were glowing from ear to ear.

Then decided to walk in his parent’s

footsteps and had a baby girl called When.

And This and That were proud

grandparents to When.



There was once this little

a lady from the Park.

She knew all that lived

in the area.

She lived in Toronto.

Everybody knew her by name, Pecha.

Now, Pecha is in her nineties.

Still keeping busy and writing

her books for the school children.

One day she went on a long walk

and never came back.

Nobody knew what happened

to poor Pecha always smiling.

They found her passed away

on one of her favourite park benches.

As still as could be.

Still smiling and laughing as the kids came by

Until late one night,

you would have thought the sky fell.

Pecha passed away and her story

has stayed alive for over 20 years.

Now you also know Pecha,

she will always be around.



The News

Bits and bites

the tib bits of news

no one has heard of the yellow pages

Go on your phone and tablet

and all is new.

Finding a city

who has heard of a road map

Google maps are what it is now

yesterday is gone today is now

and tomorrow?

Well, we don’t know yet.

That’s Bits and Bits

of today’s news.


Not Alone

Pulling your heart closer inside

Feeling you go all in one stride.

Being together and not alone.

You find out the fun in your own home.

Once you feel you are drifting off

Get up and dust yourself

When you are feeling alone

Pick up the 1000-pound phone

and call a friend.

You will feel stronger and not alone.


Today is a special day.

Hugging and loving

on a beautiful day.

Today is a funny holiday

laughing and smiling

the day away.

Today is a holy day

One of prayer and strength

on this day.

Today is a loving day

of giving and receiving.

Today is a mixed-up day.

Just a little bit of everything.


Feeling Down

When you are feeling ill.

Waiting for the doctor’s pill to work

When there is nothing you can do

but sit in your pain.

No pill can fix it

No alcohol can drown it

This is nothing to take your heartache away

So you lay there feeling blue

because there is nothing else to do.

The baby blue pill doesn’t work anymore

So you keep having a belly ache

washing it away with water.

But that doesn’t always matter.

So stand up tall and fight it all

no matter what the pain is

you will stand it all.


When Tomorrow Comes

Wasting away, wishing every day,

when tomorrow comes.

Hoping that a great school grade will come.

Blue Jays baseball game will get the next win.

The Maple Leaf hockey team will win next year.

The Raptors will win their next game.

All your sports teams will win one day.

When tomorrow comes,

wishes from yesterday.

Hope for tomorrow.

That we are driving in the correct lane.

Reading the right chapter.

Hope for tomorrow,

The kids are safe no matter what age

All the different countries unite as a whole.

Freedom of speech never dies.

Keep on hoping tomorrow comes.





A Rainy Day

This is when you feel like lounging around.

Feeling most comfortable laying on the couch.

Thinking about what is the best thing to do right now?

Responding with the words “Nothing and relax”

A rainy day that is perfect for nothing to do.

Spring cleaning is another perfect day

when it’s a rainy day.

Making up new games to play for fun with friends,

Those late-night texting matches you have with friends.

Spending the day doing homework.

All these things can be chosen for a rainy day.

The perfect in-door date night you plan with a boyfriend.

This is when you feel like lounging around,

doing nothing but watching tv, singing songs, playing cards

or cozying up with a good book.

All on just a rainy day.


Coffee House

The simplest way,

which makes a simple day,

is to go to the coffee house.

Meet your new friends,

greet your old friends.

Mingle while waiting

for your java.

Ordering your favorite

pastry, of the day.

The fresh smells of

fresh coffee.

The beauty in the small coffee house

down the road from you.

Isn’t huge at all.

Maybe even meet

that special male or female.

Just perfect for your closest friends

Remind You

May I remind you,

that every day is a brand new day?

Filled with lots of love, all around.

May I remind you,

The sky is blue

with white puffy clouds.

May I remind you,

that a walk a day,

keeps the doctor away.

May I remind you,

that the sun only sets

it doesn’t fall.

May I remind you,

that yesterday is gone

and tomorrow is very near.

May I remind you

that you can smile

a thousand times

and cry only a few.

May I  remind you

that you are who,

you are supposed to be.

May I remind you

that there could

be tons of more.