through the tape

dear me,
you made it
to the finish line
now turn back around fish
for the bread crumbs and let
delirium sing you to sleep

[instrumental break]

put your hands in the air
sing it with me
let me hear you
rock me, joe
na na na na
here we go
uh huh
give it to me
mmmm hmmmm
don’t hurt ‘em now
pick it up pick it up
break it down
take it away
make me cry

black spots

i can’t write another poem about a ceiling fan
or the way it rocks back and forth and people
worry about its health and that one day it
will just fall down and break because it dared
to keep spinning

brain traffic

exit signs and satellites i don’t know where we’re going or who’s watching or why i’m even inclined to know when some days all i want to do is place bets on something i don’t understand and wait to see what happens but the satellites roam and there is no corner of the earth where i can exist without anybody knowing there is no safe house or bomb shelter secret corridor hogwarts or atlantis what you see is what you are come closer clear a space coming through honk honk the number you have dialed is currently unavailable for english press one do not walk no smoking no loitering buffering battery low empty

out of fashion

you put on your white socks
and commented on how ugly
they are and i realized nobody
likes white anymore. it’s way out
of fashion.


i just can’t let go of the teeter totters the times when they were out of balance because you left and i flew to the ground because even gravity doesn’t know what to do without you for a moment in time you balance me and the weight of the world is alright

human music

i smelled the burning rubber
the metal against concrete
echoed through the street like
the headlining band of the day.
the glass beer bottle hitting
asphalt–the encore


one last beast to tame
you sleep on the sober side of
the bed with her snuggled close
while others try not to remember


screeching tires in the night
time car alarms and gut-screaming
people walk faster to their destination
or they stop to take a picture
take a bow take a bow take a bow
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