Hello Darkness- Hour 19

Hello Darkness my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

We have done this so many times Darkness

We truly are old friends

Paul Simon knew what he was talking about

I have delved into so many consequences

Philosophies, regrets, personal testimonials

I have been frightened of you at times

Other times you sooth my soul

These days you a refuge from the heat of the day

And the long hours of sunlight and work anguish

I have had those visions softly creeping

Dreams, nightmares, imaginings, epiphanies

Darkness my old friend

I hope you can get me through again

Lend me your simple wisdom

Within the Sounds of Silence

Your voice comes thru

Teaching me, taunting me, but always honest

in your reflection.

Dear Sanity Hour 18

Dear Sanity,

We have reached that place again

The hours grow late

The words jumble into something

I don’t even understand

Each year when we do this

You question me and my motives

Last time you packed your bags

But you returned, I’m glad you returned

This time I see you in the shadows watching me

Seeing me banter back and forth

With the computer, the cat and

the snacks which have replaced my husband as my companion

I know its difficult

It always is when poetry and lack of sleep are involved

But I like to think we have come to an understanding

We need each other

And although I abandon you often

Especially in these creative endeavors

I do need you.

You get me through those long reality filled days

Try to understand

It’s only temporary

It isn’t permanent.

Poetry helps us keep our relationship

I need my space away from reality

From the day to day

We will get through this night Sanity

You and me

We will sleep in tomorrow

We will find our bearings together again

Just hold on a little bit longer

You won’t regret it.

Blindfold-Hour 17

I have chosen to be blinded by you

To color my perceptions with a will of want

A will of wish, A will of neglect

I dare not see who you really are

It will scare me to see you in reality

You who own my heart

You wrestle my insanity

You waste my insecurity

Embrace my ineptitude

You challenge my perceptions

I don’t want to see you in the brilliance of sunlight

I prefer to walk with you in shadow

If I see you then you will see me

My naked shame would be too much

reflected in your eyes

So I choose to remain blindfolded

Lost in lies we tell each other

One Step-Hour 16

You take a single step

Followed by another

Moving as slowly or as quickly as you want

You make plans

Buy things

With your destination in mind

One foot in front of the other

You can change your world

The whole world

You can make things happen

Make dreams come true

And yes it comes to an end


You have a new appreciation of where you came from

You see your world in a new light.

Then you do it again

One foot in front of the other

You carry what needs to be carried

You leave old baggage at the doorstep

You choose a new knapsack

You carry a new burden of your choice

You don’t have to take any steps

You can put the new shiny knapsack down

But why wouldn’t you want

To change the world?

With just a single step?

I was There, I saw it All -Hour 15

I was there

I saw it all

The way the sun mashed about the sky

Liquid all around me

Nothing quite formed yet

Moments of clarity followed by glubbing about with the other cells

We tried to match up, create something

But we were not organized enough yet

Not enough purpose in our DNA

But I was there, I remember it well

Swimming about in chemical concoctions

Waiting for form to form


I was there

At the end

The way the sun marched across the sky

The explosions, one after the other

Until everything was wiped out, everything but thought

We had tried to stop it, but we weren’t organized enough

We just whined about what was happening on social media

We cried at the end, we did

We glubbed around trying to stay informed

We watched as the chemical fried us and our bodies disintegrated

I was there, I saw it all

Watching all form destroyed


Land -Poem 14

“The land knows you, even when you are lost.”


It feels your soul

It knows your gifts

It knows your sins

It washes you in rain

Solidifies you with cold

It melts your heart when the day is hot

The land knows you because you are from it

You walked on it, played in it

It senses your presence and sighs

When you are away, it calls to you

When you are lost, touch it

Hold it, be a part of it

Smell the flowers’ scents

Feel the breeze teaching your skin

Return to the land when you are alone

The land belongs to your soul

You soul belongs to the land


Hour 13 -Words

Words are dwindling

They speak in nonsense now




I am feeling haughty

Likened to Heliotrope

My message is unclear

Just throw some words

Onto the page

Any word will do

Santa Fe



Poetry is about words

Who cares if they make sense

Snickerdoodle as a sentence

Using Paris as a Homonym

Human resources at the Badger academy

I refuse to buckle into sense

I refuse to compromise my insanity

Take a Grizzly to lunch

And watch him Laugh

Take a poet to a dictionary

And watch him squeal



Poem 12 Erasing Robert Frost

 Roads diverged in yellow wood,
I could not travel both
 long I stood
looked down one far
bent in the undergrowth;
Then the other, as fair,
it was grassy and wanted wear;
the passing there
that morning equally lay
trodden black.
if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages hence
roads diverged in a wood,
I took the one
less traveled.

Letter to a Younger Me-Hour 11

Dear Divorcing Cindy,

You are heartbroken right now

Lost, alone, aching

Contemplating your whole future

Wallowing in every mistake

every missed piece of evidence

Every lie he told has become your darkness

It isn’t. that’s him not you

I know this hurts

Your core is shaken

All you believed before

Doesn’t apply now.

Your humanity is lost

But you will survive this

Better, you will be stronger

You will be able to love and be loved

So many lovely things in store for you

He won’t be back, I know you want him to be

But you will see that’s best

You will find greater love

Love that doesn’t lie or steal

Love you don’t have to fight for

Love that washes over you when you look in his eyes

There will be better times

Better places

This time will end up meaning so much

Because your growth is enormous

You will find strength from despair

Happiness from your weaknesses

You will see the world

In a whole new light

Don’t give up

Don’t give in to the despair

Hold your head high

And walk away proud


Coffee -Poem 10

There is a moonbeam

in my coffee cup

I sip it gently

A hush,

a fog

washes over me

I am no longer concrete

I am no longer damned

I have jumped from my shelf

I am more like a tall, strong fir

Reaching to the sky.

No canteens of water will do

No juice, no flaming alcohol drinks

No carbonated sugar in a tall bottle

Just coffee

Swirling misty coffee

Bracing me for whatever winds

Blow me away from my safe dock

Into the stormy sea