More about me

I just realized my first introduction didn’t say much about me biographically.  I have lived in southern California all my life.  I was born in Santa Monica in January 1954 and grew up in the west San Fernando Valley.  The Valley is where I live now, although I’ve resided as far away as San Diego and Orange County.  When I was 18 I became part of a crazy free nondenominational Christian church family, and that has been a major part of my life for over 40 years.  Looking forward to participating with all of you this coming weekend!

Introducing myself

I am James Victor Owens and I will be participating in the 24-hour poetry marathon.  Relatives and earlier friends know me as Jim, and most people who’ve met me since the early 1980s know me as Victor.  Both are fine.  I love the English language and word play, and have written all kinds of stuff through the years, although that’s never been how I kept a roof over my head.  I am looking forward to seeing what comes forth during those 24 hours.  I think a lot of it will be playful and fun, and some of it will express a deeper vision.  We’ll see what happens!