Hour 23

Hallows eve

A moment never too soon

Undead awaken

Not a moment past twelve

Taunting the living


Hour 21

Running from the truth

Running from the pain

Running from the uncomfortable

Running from myself

Hour 18

Running from the truth

Always ready to take flight

Vowing to look within

Eternally grateful for second chances

Never forgetting who I truly am

Hour 17

Kettles boiling

Art speaking

Lilacs blooming

Electric shocking

Ice cream dreams

Dancing butterflies

Oceans swaying

Sycamore trees talking

Clouds floating

Oranges full of scent

Poppies blossoming

Everything as it should be

Hour 16

1 cup cocoa

5 cups blankets

6 cups Hallmark movies

10 cups love


The recipe for a perfect evening

Hour 15

A roll of the dice is all life really is

One shot

Two choices

Three decisions

Four outcomes

Five secrets

Six ways to make or break you


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