Prompt 12: Hour 12: Winter

The ice forms so effortlessly here

bringing winter into the view

seasons changing with each day

helping shape tomorrow

never backing down

staying so true





Prompt 11: Hour 11: Perfection

Periwinkle colored sand

clouds that spread for miles

sourdough bread baking in the distance 

skyscrapers obsolete, 

as if finding a needle in a haystack.


The storefronts 

displaying their magical fall treasures 

as we all finally have beat the heat of Summer. 


My version of the perfect day.


(Used 8 of 10 prompt words)

Prompt 10: Hour 10: Twilight

Under the twilight of the moon



For her to cast over me

beaming her knowledge

into my every pore.

Excited to learn more

looking up

almost begging for her to take me in

as her own personal vessel.

Prompt 9: Hour 9: Reflection

Overlooking the city

as if I were a bird

soaring within the clouds

examining the fabric of life-

what each area holds dear,

knowing that within the jumbled puzzle of it all-

We are just a small speck of the wheel of life.

Prompt 8: Hour 8: My Truth

The breeze hits my hair as if it were calling my name

worried by my most recent choices

I embrace the chaos, confusion and sadness that overwhelm me

trusting in my intuitive nature,

my ancestral calling to be by the sea.

Losing everyone in my life who doesn’t understand,

doesn’t take the time to even try-

Hoping to find the end of my story to be what we all hope it will be-

a happy ending.


*Poem inspired by the book “True to Me” by Kay Bratt.

Prompt 7: Hour 7: Society Based Normal

Being married in a small town is normal.

Being a married lesbian in a small town is like having three heads.

Having children to raise and watch grow is normal.

Having children as a lesbian couple is frowned upon and discouraged.

The loving parents who do what they feel is always best-

The care, thought and panic put into every decision-

every sacrifice….

Normal. States society.

Yet throw the word gay or lesbian in there-

Blasphemous! How dare they! Ruining the children! Inviting them into living a sinners world!

Craziness how one word can change the view of so many.

But my normal is just that…..


Prompt 6: Hour 6: Distance

The distance we sometimes feel-

also at times craving,

like an emptiness and wholeness

somehow all wrapped into one.

You love though,

something I never wish to feel apart from.

Hoping it will forever

always be

the closest memory I ever hold.

Prompt 5: Hour 5: My Tranquility

The water floats over my body

as if it were a cloud

coming to wash away my nightmares.

The lyrics slam into my soul

as if they had been born from within myself.

The calm takes me over

as I lay,

longing for peace-

for happiness.

Prompt 4: Hour 4: Monster Inside

“She turned the door handle and switched on the light”-

terrified of what may be lurking in the darkness.


teeth chattering,

mind running wild-

Only to soon realize,

the monster she was terrified of

was within her.

(Last line of The Curiosities as my first line)

Prompt 3: Hour 3: Inner Peace

Concrete jungle

yet nature still thrives

demanding to be seen-



Never giving up hope

that someone 

may acknowledge it’s beauty.



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