Hour 12: Post 12: Raindrops

Reveal your true self

Acknowledge your faults

Investigate your desires

Never back down

Dive into what you love

Reveal your inner truth

Open your soul

Push yourself to new discoveries

Stand up for who you are

Hour 11: Post 11: The Prowl

Crawling through every inch of my soul

Digging your way into the life I use to call my own

Secretive yet bold, you come to me in the most convenient hours

When my guard is down and I am for a very short while, vulnerable

Yet you knew that….

And here you come

Prowling back, gazing at my every move

Only waiting for the moment to pounce

And destroy the only life I’ve ever known

Hour 10: Post 10: Broken

Shattered, Tattered, Worn

Enveloped in my soul

Demons in every corner of my ‘system’

That’s what they call my personalities

All sitting around the meeting table within my mind

Chattering, screaming, haunting me

Do it they say, get it over with

Bathe in our irrational conversations

Submerge yourself in the darkness

Plunge into our desires

Suppress us no longer

Hour 9: Post 9: Dreamscapes and Time Travel

Dreamscape or time travel

Which calls my name in the dead of the night

Oh how I  feel my dreams may be more thrilling than traveling back

Into the time in which I was myself

Not this bitter, cold hearted, evil bitch

They all seem to distance themselves from

Maybe if they could just see through my eyes

The pain and betrayal in which I have witnessed

They would understand how traveling back

Would do more harm than good

Hour 8: Post 8: The Daydreamer

Creativity, chaos, illusions and dreams

Sadness, laughter, anxiety and defeat

This is what makes me who I am

Thoughts so scattered you couldn’t try and piece them together if you tried

Memories so embedded into my brain that I couldn’t carve them out with a knife if I needed to

Regrets that burn so deep, no amount of medicine can take away the sting

This is what it’s like living with demons inside your head

All they do is continually wish you dead

Remaining strong and grounded is a chore that most people couldn’t even believe

Yet I wake up every morning

Battling the same thoughts, day after day

Proving to myself and the world that while I may sometimes just live in a daydream

I’m also the hero in my own, unspoken, unappreciated story

Hour 7: Post 7: Unleashed

Look at you, coward over,

Searching for a way to make this about me

You foolish soul

Can you feel my resentment building

my anger toward your very breath

Can you not see what you have created?

The monster in me is eager to feed off your lies

All of your insecurities

All of your pain

You have unleashed the part of me that

I tried so hard to bury away

Yet you took your shovel

And dug me up just like the last bullshit you

Tried to feed me

Do not underestimate my power

Or my worth

I will demolish everything you ever Hoped and prayed for just so I can sit back and bask in all of my new found glory

while I watch you struggle and beg

Just like I have for you

Hour 6: Post 6: Inner Pep Talk

Broken little girl

Sitting in the corner wallowing in self pity

For all that has been done to her

Broken and shattered

Torn and weathered

Her heart is in shambles on the floor

Who is this girl

Why wont she fight

Get your ass up

Fight the battle in which they chose to create

Destroy and demolish

Take your power back, take yourself back

Show them who you are

Make them never be able to forget you

Hour 5: Post 5: Blood Lust

Tear me open

Rip me to shreds

Feed off my soul

Bathe in my passion for you

Take me as you wish

In the midnight hours

Which you seem to dwell

Lay with me in the darkness

Let me take you to hell

Hour 4: Post 4: The Temptress

She walks by in midnight attire
Blood curdling red like wine
Veins pulsating with every breath
Every step further into the darkness
Her voice cried out a howl
Unlike anything I have ever heard
In an instant she was my madness
She was my poison
I was forever under her spell

Hour 3: Post 3: Burgundy Lips

Burgundy lips and rose petal hips

That’s what she liked to say about me

Oh what a lovely depiction of who I am

If only she knew my lips burned with rage to get their color

While my hips flew me into storm after storm

Of unapologetic lies and deceit

All while taking others prisoner of their charm

Oh how burgundy lips and roses petal hips sounds melancholy