Hour 12: Prompt 12: Into the Wilderness

Like the mountain lion who holds her own 

comes from upon the cliff top looking deep down

I feel my oneness- 

a calling- 

within the wilderness. 

Like the snake who slithers from woodsy grass 

to open water

I feel my oneness- 

a calling-

within the wilderness. 

Like the bird who nests at the tops of the trees 

looking down to protect the ones she loves 

I feel my oneness- 

a calling- 

within the wilderness. 

Like the mama cub who protects her young 

ready to pounce on anyone who threatens their safety 

I feel oneness- 

a calling- 

within the wilderness.



(Random book selection: Intuitive Witchcraft)

(Chosen line: From deep within the wild woods comes a call)

Hour 10: Prompt 10: Moonshadow

Making memories with ones I love

Open minded to the journey that awaits

Optimistic to what the future may hold

Never losing sight of what matters most

Sitting with my thoughts

Happy with the emotions they bring

Always searching for a deeper meaning

Deeply present in each breath I take

Overly eager to find my way

Wishing for the best yet to come.

Hour 9: Prompt 9: Glowing Sky

The fireflies light up the night sky

excited to have been let free

bottled up for seasons past

their light masked by snowflakes.

Now excited to be seen

lighting up the treeline

showing the heat of their passion

their fire- willpower.

Hour 8: Prompt 8: Souls Returned




The sounds of the souls disturbed.

You can feel their fire

the embers glow in every tree that they encompass.

The night sky screams in anticipation for their return.

The ghostly wind that chills the spin

shocking everything it touches

every direction holds its own sounds.

Hour 7: Prompt 7: Season of the Intuitives

Emotions running high

not always knowing

where they may have come from

why they present themselves at that moment

yet always fully aware-


hoping to make sense of the chaos,


Wanting to help those around

who may need the positive energy-

sometimes unsure which way to always send it.


Hour 6: Prompt 6: Perfection

Wind blowing ever so slightly

the breeze hits my arm

sending a calming sense of satisfaction

through every hair it breaks through.

The sun, just behind the cotton like clouds

never truly peeking out

just there enough for it to be seen.

A light drizzle of rain

enough to bring the joy of Autumn soon to come-

never enough to bring a dampness to the air.

A bluebird gently glides by showing its wings

so proudly yet without force.

This is the day I hope for.

This is the day I crave.

This day-

my own personal perfection.

Hour 5: Prompt 5: Serenity


like the cat 

who finally decides to stop chasing the prey;

the dog

who finally uncovers his lost bone

only to realize he saved it for this special day;

the turtle

who stops swimming

to enjoy the crashing sounds

of the emotions held within the sea-

the peaceful water he craves

finally learning;

Serenity is within-

a never ending companion 

that just longs to be chosen.

Hour 4: Ripples in the Water

Turbulent yet calming

the way the water flows

so effortlessly down the stream

giving life to all who dwell.

Offering peace to those who 

share in its view-

a true warrior;

a beast.

So lovely, 


yet if necessary, 

bold enough

to swallow you whole.

Hour 3: Prompt 3: Emotional Baggage

The clouds overhang

rain looks to be on the way

the fullness of each puff

looks like how I think my heart may look

when I think of you

Now what am I to do?


They creep closer

brining a sense of pain and worry

with every inch they blow my way

I wonder when it may finally happen

when the downpour of emotions

may finally hit.

Will they pass as quickly as the storm? I ponder.

Now what am I to do?


Just as quick as the rain poured down

my emotions flood back

emptying themselves into the raindrops that flow

as the clouds become empty

so do my past emotions I held onto for so long

Now what am I to do?

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