#11. Shangri La

I’ve never been to Shangri La
I hear it’s quite divine
between the ageless populace
and lack of health decline.

I saw the movie long ago
and read a book or two
but never have I ventured forth
into the Mystic blue.

I’d like to visit Shangri La
I’m sure it’s all they say
but then again, to be within
my heart is here today.

#10. Shadow Self

I’m being followed by a shadow of myself
(embrace your shadow self, all the self help books decry)
Can I sew my shadow self back on
with a needle and thread?
That’s what Wendy did to Peter Pan.
When all my illusions and delusions fade away
What is left?
Bereft of fantasy,
the bare bones of truth

#9. Message in a Bottle

Up above the tree line
where the stars
like a firefly
winking their long distance code…
There is a strange heat
from which glaciers melt
and permafrost dissolves.
Drink from this bottle of truth,
dear Alice.
You will shrink. Or grow.
(Or is that the magic mushroom?)
Either way,
this lethargy
will end.

#8. Fear

Tiger! Tiger! Flaming comet burn
Pine and oak tree
Frame the Milky Way
Look up and you will see.
Question the ghosting!
What do you see with your own eyes?
Hands up,
Fear Immobilizes.

#7. The Season of Flower

For me the season I prefer
depends upon the sun
a gentle calm awakening
a nurturing, as one.

The seasons of a flower
wander through the year
but underneath a pattern
in geometry, a sphere.

Flowers, blooming flowers!
Grown from buds too small to see
So tightly wound, then opening!
Gently folding free.

#6. Shore Break

I hear the music of the waves
Crash roll blooms of sound
The wind it whips my hair around
the sun is beating down.
The sky is clear and blue and sharp
I toss my shoes aside
Beneath my toes the sand swims through
So warm and soft inside.

Birds dance their choreography
an elegant display
their timing is impeccable
the wind the waves they play.
I find a rock so shimmering
I hold it in my hand.
My pockets are full
with beauty found in sand.
Would I could I stay forever
breathing salt and sea and sky
Always near the ocean
Watching breakers fly.

#5. Pardon my Heart

Like an old song
you carved your heart
into my soul
peeling through bark like defenses
to the vulnerability
The sap of loss
it does not end
(although it can seem to harden)
It drips down,
with the mess of death
and memories.
I don’t even try to clean it off.

#4. Dear Mama

How could I know
the last time we hugged
would be forever?
How can it be
I will no longer see
your hands, your eyes, your smile?
I can still hear your whistle
(in the end, so soft like a whisper, but there, nonetheless)
I treasure your cards,
your writing an art, like calligraphy.
And the words they contain,
full of love to sustain and inspire me.
You were the grandmother of my children’s dreams…
embracing and creating where their fathers could not be.
Oh mama, it seems only yesterday
we drank tea on your balcony
there, in the evening desert warmth.
Thank you for accepting me, as myself.
Thank you for growing and raising your compassion
And modeling
the grace
of being.
I remain,
Forever Yours.

#3. Witnessing the Love

The problem is see is it’s all about me
The lens of my vision is cloudy
Where reality lies in the ads that we buy
Fill the bandwidth between my two ears
While the earth tumbles on
We debate like a pawn in the field of destruction.

As above, so below
Witnessing the love

How to move beyond Fear, with its limits so clear
To a place where my heart will expand
Melting trauma and loss
Like the fan on defrost
Compassion for self, then for others
Educating my soul
Using faith as a goal
To beyond where the sky has no end

As above, so below
Witnessing the love

Too much ego will limit
My growth as I spin it
Concentric and dialed to need
Move beyond self defenses
To the realm of acceptance
Is a path I envision and dream

As above, so below
Witnessing the love

#2. Poem a la Hurry

“Poem a la Hurry”
1. 4 Cups creativity, sifted
2. 2 medium cups of coffee
3. 3 parts Inner Critic, diced
4. 1 Wall Clock, promptly ticking
5. Several Birds, chirping


Pour Creativity into a large mixing bowl.
Gently stir in the Diced Inner Critic.
When well mixed, slowly blend in the coffee until consistency
is even.
The inner critic may form lumps, be sure to keep stirring, so
the Creativity can dissolve them.
Add in the Ticking Clock, constantly.
Add in the Bird Chirps. They have always been there, remember to notice when they slow down.
Mix all until blended, let sit for 5 minutes, then serve.

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