Poem #4: Dearest Donaldo, how you are missed!

Dear Donaldo,

Your butler/muse here. How I miss you! You taught me so much and our fun times in Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende were some of my most cherished memories. Thanks for that. And so much more. Thank you a thousand fold for everything you did for me. YOU so ROCK! Every time I see a humming bird, I think of you and our times. It makes me smile. The word for butterfly in German, the times you came to see me perform, our adventures together. In Mexico. In NYC. The fun!

We were a good pair. I’m glad you convinced me to go on the pilgrimage in your name. What a life-altering adventure that was.

You taught me about real generosity and friendship and to truly enjoy life. How I wish you were still here. I know you are at peace but please know that I miss you terribly. Broadway is currently dark but when it gets back up, I will go in your honor.

Thanks for being the best husband/friend/creative force you could ask for.

I love you. Now and forever,

Poem #2: Recipe for a Fulfilling Life: Learning to smile and giggle

~ smiles and giggles
~ golf clubs
~ glorious sunset or inspirational sunrise
~ designer handbag
~ kind remark to a stranger

Laugh until you cry. With or without your best friend.
Find a dash of humor in any situation.
Add lots of smiles and laughter.
Remember, they’re both free. Doesn’t that make us all wealthy?

Dice up the life of leisure: golf clubs and stunning destination courses as a substitute for real love.
Fold in the perfect place to watch a glorious sunset or inspirational sunrise.
The secret ingredient? Whom I shared my time with and what we shared together.
It didn’t have to be man-made artifice. Or extravagant.
It could be simple elegance: laughter and giggles. Giggles and laughter. Add to taste.
Remember, you can’t over-season using laughter and giggles.
Add copious amounts of giggles and laughter. Share.

Fold in smiles and more smiles. 7 miles of smiles in Negril.
Stir in the joy of Cartagena. And around the world.

Chop up fear and designer handbags and shoes and pick up a helping of trust. Blend in kind remarks to strangers.

Time to revisit that old family recipe, “A beautiful journey.”

Poem #3: Honoring Maya Angelou: Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

Focus on negativity
News overflowing with fear-mongering
Pandemic and still more pandemic
Scared to death and fear of each other and fear of going outside
Masks and violence and protests and unrest and brutality
Is there nothing good in the world?
Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Log on and you’ll see the worst aspects of human behavior
Listen to young people and they’ll share their heightened anxiety
So fear grows and grows. Is it overtaking the globe?
Trapped inside, mental health issues and violence expands.
We witness the worst parts of human nature. Over and over.
Will there be a second wave? Facing our own mortality.
Is this the end of the world? What is normal?
Judging others’ choices. When will there be a vaccine?
Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

Shut off the news.
Spread kindness ~ to loved ones and strangers.
Exercise. Your mind as well as your physical being.
Listen. Focus on the good. What you focus on increases.
Experience gratitude. Know that we will get through this.
Optimism is the best cure. Hope transforms poverty. We’ve got this.
Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.


Needed a reminder to figure out my !@#$^#%$^%$ password, username and how to publish. It’s been a while. 🙂

All set for tomorrow and looking forward to it!

jc the poet

I am many things … but wish I were more

I am courageous.
In my mind, I am a super hero. When I become fearful, I fall to earth.
A human. Being. But am I?
I am flawed.
In my body. In my way of thinking. I wear my flaws like designer jewels.
In my mind, I waltz with confidence.
But in my body, I drag and limp to the invisible finish line.
I am tired.
Of thinking of cool, innovative ideas.
Of competing. With others. With myself.
So I shuffle with the masses and berate myself, which does not add fuel to the super human being lost inside. Will she ever find her way out?
I am rebellious.
But chose the most obvious path. Rebel without a worthy cause?
Is that even a rebel?
Is this a metaphor?
Why can’t I just cheer choosing and taking action instead of face plant in my phone, not facing reality. Planting more seeds of worry.
I am unoriginal.
As evidenced by this boring choice of starting with I am.
So much for subtlety.
I am. Why oh why can’t that be enough?

Table for Two (last poem)

I sat waiting
And waiting
And deep down I had already known
His true inner self he had really shown

I had chosen the backdrop and it was stunning.
Desperate for romance, I looked at the sparkling Ocean
And recalled the last time I had been there
Had been under better circumstances
I was lying to my friends, “He’s awesome”
and to myself, “We can make this work.”

Our lives were too different.
He was confused and I was working through my own stuff.
Together, it was horrid.
A bad reality show that didn’t deserve to be on the air.

Trying too hard to put him into my life
I want fun and supportive, not more strife.
I can make myself feel badly without anyone’s help.
I sighed. Ordered another drink.

How did it take me this long to see?
Bam! That’s when I realized, I’m better off with a Table for Me.

missing and missed

i know you may not want to think it true
but we know not what someone’s going through

did he not know how much we all did care?
our helplessness fuels our grief ~ such despair

i fight tears each day at the weirdest times
watching hockey or hearing church bell chimes

may he find the calm he did not have here
rest in peace my beloved; we hold you near