Hour 24 – 5:00 AM 


If simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

We are all one;  and then some, of a sticky situation.

Words produce numbers in some crazy, far out equation.

Far from equal; but we resonate the sound and deep fulfillment of a sequel.

Never to be previewed; Your own discretion is advised.

We are merely in the making of being universally televised.

– J.C.  ©

To Whom is May Concern

Hour 23 – 4:00 AM 


Poet at it’s best;  Writer at it’s worst.

I try not to put so much emphasis on my writer’s curse.

Much evaluated;  Lots unrevealed.

To whom shall we keep from the secrets of Solomon’s seal.

To the builders of the age, ensue your duties progress a better day.

Never mind the ones who doubt your tools.

Success is bred;

If spread like a disease success would be worthless and watered down like the rest of these PHD’s

We are one of our own kind;  And our focal point must consist of a greater human mind.

The time is near, the time has come.

Who are you to make a true statement and define it by none?

– J.C.  ©

My Mind is a Mine of Gold

Hour 22 – 3:00 AM 


Who’s mine am I in?

Or, Who’s mind am I in?

These words look like coal.

Pressurized diamonds create images of old.

Jewels upon jewels, I’m scolded for all the gold.

Any two day pass created a new arrival.

Enterprise, and monopolies is how we compromise for survival.

To many robots playing the part.

How can we evolve, if we don’t know where to start.

– J.C.  ©

Your Time is Charity

Hour 21 – 2:00 AM


Give me this, Give me that.

Be truthful, and don’t hurt those that have your back.

Resentment will never get you far,

you’ll be lucky if it even leaves a scar.

Memories made keep you within boundaries,

lessons bestowed travel safely alone.

In the minds and hearts of those we leave behind,

to find a greater purpose to our lives.

Philanthropic tendencies trap me within my community,

I want to help the world, not just the people that surround me.

– J.C.   ©


Hour 20 – 1:00 AM


Conspiracy theorist’s line up to tell me how to live my life.

If I’m one of you, who’s to say I’m not doing it right ?

Yours thoughts are as valid as gold.

But if I’ve wearing 18K on my wrist,

Who’s to say I’m not taking on the world as a whole.

It’s very simple you see…

A misconception of reality’s light is shrinking.

– J.C.  ©

Take What You Give

Hour 19 – 12:00 AM 


Find yourself through the bullshit

That’s the point of coming up uncrowned and making a fortune

Bestow to young one’s,  knowledge and gold

For they hold the secrets to the futures mold

We’ve got to give it all that we’ve got

A hustlers mentality has never been known to stop

Penetrate the skin like a bullet wound,

Makes you feel alive, worthy, and fully intune.

There’s no life without death

So this motion is round, in a perfect realm

Take what you give and live fully renowned.


– J.C.  ©

Gathered in Thought

Hour 18 – 11:00 PM


Somethings about to happen

I put so much in writing a classic

Stick to my guns of what I know is magic

Emphasis on bad behavior and over dramatic

Scenic photos of the East Coast and Mid-West tragic

Metaphors are never real life accidents.

They keep us gathered in thought; rather then action

– J.C.  ©



Hour 17 – 10:00 PM


It’s a centerfold for real

A life among stars, stages, and spliffs

Where we get confused who’s real and who’s a gift.

Touchable in our presence, captivated by the moment

We are unique in a sense cause we own it.

More precious then precious metals, more sacred then gems

Underlying is a sense of being on top till the end.

– J.C.  ©


Hour 15 – 9:00 PM 


Let me breath.

Can’t catch a break.

I’m a mess, on the near edge of greatness.

Won’t rest till I conquer the latest.

Achievements are blessing disguised in distress.

– J.C.  ©


Hour 15 – 8:00 PM 


We all love a little pie.

Something worth eating, the more the sweet.

The better the surprise.

Sometimes it’s blue, due to the fruit.

A slight pink tint cause of the berry.

A bit of a tang cause of the yellow slang.

The melon was sliced in perfect shape.

A bowl of whipped cream kept me awake.

Coffee with desert is in my fate.

– J.C.  ©


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