Dance Alone

Hour 14 – 7:00 PM


Desperado sang through my lungs.

A desperate melody is what we hum.

Shy shadows develop a friendly conversation.

A tune, a song. Something to hang on.

A four part harmony to get things hung.

Light sway with a walk towards the door.

Walk in an 8 step count, then back once more.

I’m Tango dancing with my shadow and the midnight floor.

– J.C.  ©




The Point of the Whole

Hour 13 – 6:00 PM


Color my world

foresaken the word.

A life still yet lived

Is a mystery unrelieved.

What will come of my ambitious goals.

A fortune of gold, yet I want to reach souls.

people buy up the marketing

But still can’t seem to see the point of the whole.

– J.C.  ©

For the Love of Wine

Hour 12 – 5:00 PM


Been done gone, been way on.

Wine to the rim, a bottle; about four gone.

Merlot, Burgundy, ill take a glass of each.

Rose for the win, Charadonnay for keeps.

I love them all, it’s the Argentine in me.

– J.C.  ©

Higher Self

Hour 11 – 4:00 PM 


I’m more then a poet.

I’m more then a friend

I’m elastic, a listener, something to transcend.

A higher self I’m in search of in the end.

Have mercy on all these who have just began.

– J.C.  ©

Selling Ourselves Short

Hour 10 – 3:00 PM


Children are the future

If we didn’t know before.

Have we thought about where their headed considering the course?

What ethics do you hold to be self evident?

Are you holding your children to be better than?

Better then before; a nightmare; a war.

Why must we sell ourselves short?


– J.C.  ©

All Beauty

Hour 9 – 2:00 PM


Spiritual work takes me high.

Afloat and lifted,

starring the Devil in his eye.

As confident as I am.

I know he is a lie.

How can there be a place worse than this.

An earth so corrupt; Hell in disguise.

Many are blind to see..

He’s manipulated a place where all beauty seems to cease.


– J.C.  ©


Sunny Days

Hour 8 – 1:00 PM 


Hop to the beat

Sun beams off my cheeks

Glory days are here left not to seek.

Rambunctious are few.

Cause we see the light.

Theres no need to stay down, and out of sight.

– J.C.  ©

Walk Alone

Hour 7 – 12:00 PM


I’m a walking legend.

Ive been apprehensive to let you in.

I’m troubleshooting the universe to let us win.

Without a vision there is no tomorrow.

We can’t sustain if were forced to swim.

Let alone walk, were already trolls.

A mind altering nation is in control.

– J.C.  ©

What It Is

Hour 6 – 11:00 AM 


Courageous in thought.

Actions are words.

Complexed in theory.

A Man’s faith is dependent on his notion of clarity.

Where we sought a truth but were handed a lie.

It’s our job to see past through to the other side.

A side more vivid a higher self profound.

Discovered is a world where we share no middle ground.

– J.C.  ©

Thought Provoking

Hour 5 – 10:00 AM 


I’m a lion at my best.

I’m calculated, I’ve been put to the test.

I push forward no matter the weight.

I’m elated to say I have escaped.

No mastery can control my thoughts.

I’m a thought provoking individual who’s never at rest.

– J.C.  ©